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I'm Farzeen Rashid and I absolutely love to write!
I utilize creative writing and poetry to express my inner self and my emotions as well as my thoughts on modern day issues!
I aspire to be a doctor, poet, author and business owner in the future!

Message from Writer

• I created a nonprofit business when I was 15, called the Kindness Worldwide Movement. I also created a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to it as well. I am the author of the blog, I write about all the important issues going on in our world.
• I created a YouTube channel for my art (drawing, painting, arts and crafts, crochet, and embroidery)
• My biggest dream is to publish a book of all my poetry one day, in the form of an anthology.

The Beauty Of Something That Covers It

June 8, 2020


The Beauty Of Something That Covers It

It was my choice,
And my choice only,
To wear it.
When you spat at me with your foul words,
Your words become trivial,
Because you have no say in my life. 
You fail to see the illuminating beauty of my hijab,
Because to you it’s just a filthy, pointless scarf.

My hijab is more than just a silly scarf,
It’s a veil worn for chastity,
And my protection from an evil and worldly life.
I cover up to please my God and no one else.

Though a costly decision, 
People I loved let me go,
And I was a centrepiece for name calling and contempt,
But I would sacrifice anything for my God.

I may have no hijabi companions,
But I remain standing strong when everyone else is silently sitting.
I withhold a story behind my scarf,
And I’ll be standing there,
I’ll always be the elephant in the room,
But I chose to be instead of running away from it,
That is called bravery.

I have a freedom of expression,
Of practicing my religion,
And wearing my hijab.
Nothing will make me stop,
Not even your stupid words that run free on your tongue. 

I’m not a terrorist because of my hijab,
And I’m not a shi* head because of my hijab.
I won’t mould into your words.

My hijab doesn’t stop me from being beautiful.
I shouldn’t be judged for the beauty of my appearance,
Because I’m not a display in a museum,
I’m a human.
I should be judged for the beauty of my character,
And my gracious spirit.

I’m not defined by external beauty,
I am defined by the beauty of my powerful knowledge,
And all the good that I do.
Because outer beauty does nothing but amuse,
But intelligence moves you. 

I am beautiful,
My scarf may limit surface glamor,
But my hijab never fails to radiate beauty.


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