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The Illusion Of Control | Chapter 4, Endless Internal Lamenting

June 7, 2020


Chapter 4
Endless Internal Lamenting

“Prince Henry,
there you are!”
a good friend
and a loyal knight. 

I chuckle
as Deirdre
reluctantly releases me.

“Here I am.”

Noah frowns disapprovingly.
“Your Highness,
this is no time to joke.
Your mother was about to
flip the entire castle
upside down.
You should speak to her
as soon as possible.” 

“What if 
the soonest 
I’ll be able 
to talk 
is in a few decades?”

Deirdre giggles
as Noah sighs.
She’s always
been able to
light up a room.

Or in this case,
a corridor. 

“Did I say
I meant to say

It’s my turn
to frown.
“Is it urgent?”

Deirdre giggles again.
“Well, he did say
‘as soon as possible’.
Did he not?”

This makes me smile.
“I don’t need 
your criticism, girl.”

“What criticism?
I speak the truth.”

I wave her off, playfully.
She exits,
constantly glancing 
back at me.

She’s like a puppy.
So easy to please,
so easy to disappoint. 

“You should tell her
how you feel,
your highness.”

I turn towards
a good friend
a loyal knight
and an ignorant man.

“What do you know
about my feelings?”
I scoff.

“I know love
when I see it
and you, 
my prince,
are sick with it.”

He smiles at me
I fight the urge
to scoff again.

He’s not wrong,
I am sick with love.
He just doesn’t know
who’s love.

Forcing a smile
(like usual)
I wrap my arm
around his shoulder.

“Always so perceptive.”

This strokes his ego
enough to make him
change topics.

“In all seriousness,
your highness,
your mother has been
looking for you
for quite a long while.
You should speak to her.”

I heave a sigh
for the sake of
the theatrics of it alone.
I love my mother very much
no matter how
overbearing she can be at times.

“Very well then.”

ok look i know that nobody's really interested in reading this but i'm still gonna post chapter four just in case the one person who read all three of the first chapters actually wanted to see what happens


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    "This strokes his ego/enough to make him/change the subject"
    hahahahahahahahhaa YES! I've read scenes like these in like a hundred books, but that's the best way I've ever heard it phrased. Not even kidding.

    2 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    WHO'S LOVE???AHAHAHAHA, this is driving me insane and im only in chaps 4. fav lines, "He’s not wrong,; I am sick with love.; He just doesn’t know; who’s love."

    3 months ago
  • Sanjana Sunilkumar

    Replying: Really? But I searched for "darknight" and couldn't find you. I even checked my list of "following folks" and you weren't there either. And somehow I found you in the list of "New and Networthy" and yet when I clicked the link, it read "Page not found - Teleport home" :( That was why I asked if you had left the site.

    7 months ago
  • elliem

    Again, I LOVE your writing style. I know I haven't been reading The Illusion of Control for a while, so I'm really sorry about that! Noah is so oblivious lol. Also I'm really rooting for Henry here. I really, really want him to get his manz and run away with him smh and just have Dierdre cheering in the background and doing cartwheels and being the adorable third wheel.

    8 months ago
  • MazeRunnerGirl

    I haven't read the other three, but I like this one
    "She’s like a puppy.
    So easy to please,
    so easy to disappoint. "
    I particularly like these lines. :)

    9 months ago