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i hope you'll take my heart

By: Eblinn


i. like the sun floods your neck and dries the water droplets sticking there so healingly, i want to lift your burdens, reveal a warmth gold like honey and relieving like a summer's evening breeze 

ii. like my mother would softly touch the top of my head to let my worries seep through her fingers, i want to absorb your pained tears and stroke away your fright with all the love i hold dear

iii. like a dream is a promise of standing on your tiptoes to reach the stars, i want to get spellbound by your heavenly smile from the second daylight breaks through the curtains up until moonlight throws a silver shimmer on our talks

iiii. like the ink that stained your favourite pair of jeans but somehow formed the outline of the lily i put behind your ear the other day, i want to forgive our mistakes to uncover the silhouette of the hundred reasons why my love for you will never be at stake


Peer Review

this was so lovely to read. i loved the wording and feeling that you expressed.

perhaps provide insight to what the other person is feeling. this writing itself is great, but another point of view might deepen it.

Reviewer Comments

overall, this was a beautiful piece of writing and i would very likely buy a book that you had written and read it in just a day