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“Not all those who wander are lost” - J.R.R. Tolkien
“You can choose to either see the weed or the wildflower”
“Somehow, after everything, she still bloomed I’m the way she was meant to” - Morgan Harper Nichols
Favourite words: whisper, echo, amongst, wanderer, lost, forgotten, meadow, galaxy, stardust, wisp, sonder, luminescence, nubivagant, solivagant
Favourite film: The Lost Thing - Shaun Tan

Black Butterflies

June 8, 2020


The two figures were little more than silhouettes against a world bathed in the soft pastels and shiny grey of dawn on that fateful winter morning. 
“I’ve always wanted to come to this place to watch the sunrise,” Anna whispered as they trekked upwards, as if her very voice could smash the fragile beauty around them. “I’m so glad I get to see it before it’s too late.” The light smile on the face of her companion – Sophie – vanished, an emotion roaring through her, so strong that it threatened to burst out. But she pushed it down; deep, deep down, burying it in a sharp glare towards her friend. “You know I’m not going to get better.” She spoke too softly, too gently, a pitying glint in her eyes; those sunken eyes on that too-pale face-
“No. Don’t say that. You’re going to be fine.” Sophie snapped her attention to the path. There was no point in talking when there was so much she couldn’t say – so much she refused to say, to think, to feel.
Sophie suddenly noticed a patch of blackness on the edge of the path. The hairs on the back of her neck shot up as she inhaled sharply. That dark circle of pure midnight, it was – it was… a group of black butterflies. Dead, black butterflies. 
Her friend hobbled over, and a pang of sorrow shot through Sophie. She was so slow, so frail - even more than the day before. Anna glanced at the butterflies - “Oh. How mysterious,” –and dissolved once more into the fog. Sophie shook her head, exasperated. Typical, not-fazed-by-anything Anna. 
They continued walking, the image of Anna plaguing Sophie’s mind. But she needed to stay positive - she had to be strong, for Anna. She looked to her left and saw another butterfly, weaving it’s way between the trees. No - not one, but two, three… the darkness spread until the trees were mere specks of stars in a gaping, midnight sky. Her heart pounded in her ears as terror gripped her chest.
“Anna!” She shouted to her friend who just stared curiously at the chaos. “This isn’t right. We should go.” 
“What do you mean? They’re just butterflies. Aren’t they beautiful?” Sophie gaped.
“I need to keep going!” She froze. They both stood in silence while the shout echoed on, seeming to last a lifetime. Anna had never raised her voice like that, but this time, there was no sympathy in her gaze. She turned on her heel and walked away.
Shock was the only thing that convinced Sophie to follow. Fear was a blindfold, locking her inside her thoughts. Anna said it was beautiful, but beauty was blind to the icy air that encased her. Sophie was blind to Anna’s increasingly laboured pants. Beauty was blind to the shivers that ran down her spine and had nothing to do with the cold. She was blind to the wince that came with each of Anna’s steps. The blindfold fell as Sophie reached the mountain top and a dull thud sounded behind her. She whipped around just in time to see Anna crumple to the ground.
Sophie barely had time to register her horror before she was kneeling beside Anna. She reached for her phone, dialling triple zero and waiting… waiting... no reception. No. No. This could not be happening. THIS COULD NOT BE HAPPENING! She breaths came in rasping pants as an icy hand rested on her knee. 
“Sophie, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Her voice was so soft, yet it cut through every other sound. And she couldn’t bear it. 
“No-” Her voice broke into a half cry. “No. You’re going to be okay.” But the words were hollow, cracked like Anna’s blue lips, like the battle cry of her soul. The truth dawned on her as she realised that she had seen this coming… and she’d done nothing. “You can’t go…” Sophie gripped Anna’s hand tighter, feeling herself being eaten away by the darkness. The darkness… The sun should have risen by now. “Why hasn’t the sun risen?” 
“It’s waiting for you. You need to let go, Sophie. Let go.” She didn’t understand any of this; the butterflies, the sunrise, why Anna had to go. But as she stared into those tear-brimmed eyes, all the memories, all the pain they were enduring for her, Sophie realised that she was right. And although every inch of her screamed, although it broke her into a million pieces… she let go of her hand.
A faint smile engulfed Anna’s face as her eyes closed for the final time and the sun broke over the horizon. The light cut through the cold, the darkness, and streamed onto Anna’s face - that too pale face - bathing it in golden light. Sophie sobbed, sobbed for Anna, for herself, for all that she had kept inside. Denial had been her sanctuary, and she knew it was gone. But she had found an even greater refuge: the peace of knowing… and accepting. The power of letting go.
She watched as the black butterflies landed gently on the ground, creating a ring of midnight around Anna’s body.
And, somehow, a ghost of a smile tugged at her lips as she finally realised… they were beautiful.

This story stemmed from the prompt, ‘sanctuary’. It basically joins together a few ideas that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and is about death -but not in the sense you’d expect. It incorporates a few extended metaphors, so see if you can find them!


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  • outoftheblue

    replying: yeah, of course! I'm so sorry that I only recently followed you and discovered your work, but it's amazing <3
    (and thank you, you're very sweet!)

    9 months ago
  • Eblinn

    This is beautiful! The emotions, the metaphors...
    "Beauty was blind to the shivers that ran down her spine and had nothing to do with the cold. "
    That sentence is everything.

    9 months ago
  • MazeRunnerGirl

    beautiful, creative, and moving <3

    9 months ago
  • elliem

    This is so good! The creativity and time put into this piece is evident. Wow. This piece is incredible. Absolutely incredible.

    9 months ago