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everyone has secrets and sometimes they're hard to keep, but sometimes admitting them through poems and stories makes it a little better... at least for me

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i’m just trying to play around with dialogue. how do i make it meaningful? relatable? real? what’s the purpose of solely dialogue stories? thanks, xx.

marry me?

June 7, 2020


“Marry me.” 

“No. And stop walking towards me. You’re not going to change my mind, Justin.” 

“Marry me, Cielle. Be my forever.” 

“I won’t.” 

“Don’t cross your arms at me. You know we are meant to be. You’re my person, Ci. You’re it.” 

“No. No, I’m not.” 

“Marry me.” 

“Justin! Stop it. This is ridiculous. You and I—we’ve been over for a long time.” 

“I refuse to believe that. You and I were broken for a little while, but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t each other’s. Our lives have been made up of thousands of moments, and yet the only ones that matter are our moments. Whether we’re flying or just slow dancing, our moments are magical. And I’m not letting you say they’re not.” 

“Justin, I don’t know how to do this.”
“Come on, Ci. Fly with me.” 

“I don’t—“ 

“Marry me?” 


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