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Tiny Update: BLM, Pride Month and Youth

June 6, 2020


I usually stay away from unravelling myself in front of others, especially around here. But right now is neither the moment to stick to tradition nor make it about me. 

To all my black peers in this site, I love you and your lives matter. They matter today, and tomorrow, and they always have. They always will. It shouldn't have taken countless deaths for people to realize this fact. In times like these, we should stay as close as possible, and protect those who are the most vulnerable. BLACK. LIVES. MATTER.

I'm not close enough to support you directly, but I'm currently researching and sharing information as to how to help from a distance. 

To the BLM allies, here are some ways: (For passive donations, please don't skip the ads to the video. There are also links to places where you can donate) (Guide on how to help, includes petitions, donation links, helpful Instagram accounts)
- And because this is a writer's website after all, here's a list of free books by black authors/revolutionaries to stay informed:*wdExFL3pn5U_V5Z7UTz1Ig

I've found these useful, but they're absolutely not the only ways in which you can stay informed and help! If someone wishes to leave other important links and information in the comments, please do so! And thank you! 

As a second point, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! It fills my heart with joy whenever this time of the year rolls around, and it also reminds me of how important fighting for LGBTQ+ rights is (especially those of queer poc). I realized recently that most of my peers here are younger than me (sos), and are still figuring out their identities and personalities. This made me notice how important queer visibility is, and how much the lack of it affected me when I was figuring myself out. 

To all young writers that are queer and those who aren't sure yet, you're valid and wholeheartedly supported. I'm pan/queer, and it took a lot of effort to come to a point in which I was comfortable enough in my sexuality and identity that I could share it with others. This month is for you, for your growth, and your love. It's to celebrate, to be free, and to help others who can't. So if you're confused, lost or scared, it is okay. Nothing is clear-cut, and only you decide the way you love and exist. You're human on your own terms. 

And finally, these months have been Nietzsche's hammer for me. It's been one radical change after another, and currently I'm sitting in the middle of nowhere, with no clear way to proceed. I still have no idea if this is an announcement for a hiatus, or my way of breaking out of one. Either way, I'm glad I got myself out of my little cave to speak. 

I love you. 
Stay safe. 



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  • black_and_red_ink

    That list of books looks awesome. thank you for sharing.

    5 months ago