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Message to Readers

i’m so flustered right now. pretend you don’t see me. also, i’m so sorry that i didn’t link some of my favorite pieces of yours! i got really tired :((

sunny’s #appreciationpost

June 6, 2020


my dearest, dearest jun lei started this wonderful challenge! she’s so sweet. it’s adorable. but anyways! i’m much obliged to continue it on, yet mostly...i just really love the idea of rambling abt all the writers on here that i adore.

here it is: in alphabetical order!

A Breath Into Silence
i first come across one of your pieces and was just blown away by your storytelling. are you a professional? is that what this is? no, seriously, i’m so intrigued by barat’s story. your characterization skills are just amazing! writers who can nail dialogue and tell an unspoken story about their characters are really phenomenal, and you’re one of them. seriously, my admiration levels are astronomical when it comes to your plot. i’ll be satisfied if my storytelling is half as amazing as yours. :D

Anha (1/3 of the writers i consider as iconic, cool, no nonsense, older sister vibes)
whew okay so i’ve already said this were pretty much my first idol when i came on here? (yet i’m the type to admire from afar, so to speak.) i’m absolutely in awe of how much effort you manage to put into this community. your highlights are amazing, and they come with an incredible amount of work. it touches me, too, that you always seem to know how to use wtw’s platform to address the most important topics. you’re also very straightforward/you don’t sugarcoat things, upon reading your q&a, and that in itself makes me appreciate you all the more. your writing style is incredibly unique and incredibly eloquent, it’s that special type of “cut to the bone” that leaves the reader shivering after a bit. also, you have like astronomical levels of BDE. lots of rad older sister vibes in the community, too. this got long. i’m really flustered now. mwah? <3

Anne Blackwood
you’re one of the first people that really started talking to me when i came on here. for that, i’m endlessly grateful. it means a lot to me, someone’s who super super shy, so...yep. also, you tackle topics like your series “flat-chested girl” and i just admire how strong you are. you’re one heck of a fighter, anne.

anoushka, my dear!! you’re awesome, but you know that, right? you’re so kind and bouncy in all my comments, and you make me feel oh so warm. i think you have a rather giddy effect on whoever’s comment box that you’re in. i’m glad to find a friend in you, love! and i’m glad to have found your honest writing.

probably one of the raddest people on wtw. i have a feeling that asta’s not a mortal. seriously, though, your comments absolutely make my day as well. i don’t think anyone’s picked apart my writing as well in a comment as you have? wow. also, your pieces are always just *chef’s kiss*. your prose is just so eloquent and fancy without being pretentious! it’s all the prettiness of ye olden times mixed in with your personal flair, and man, do i love reading your stuff.

you won’t see this until you’re back, but my dear dearblhá, i miss you so much. you’re so kind and soft, and so, so talented in the way you can make me feel at home with your writing. your comments bring a smile to my face, and i’m just so glad to be able to follow you. you’re missed sorely. give me a virtual hug when you’re back, alright? <3

babybluelamentations (2/3 of the writers i consider as iconic, cool, no nonsense, older sister vibes)
i’ve just learned that you were on a hiatus before i came! hello! we haven’t talked much but i already adore you! first, i fell in love with your writing style. like, no kidding, i have the hugest infatuation with it. it’s far too lovely for me to do it justice here, but just know i would love your blessing when i propose to your writing style. also: i love your part in the BLM movement. it was incredibly admirable. also, you just seem so cool. like one of the writers i see as a rad, iconic, elder sister in the community? *covers face with my hands* <3

you knew you’d be here, you little brat. i think you know how much i adore you, but i’ll lay it out for public eyes. aside from how well we get along as friends, your writing is what first drew me to you. to quote your words, vaguely grotesque and beautiful writing is just *chef’s kiss*. your writing is raw, emotional, and beautifully honest. i admire how well you can lay yourself bare on the paper and still manage to make it look effortless and absolutely gorgeous. aside from that, luv ya, little dude...winged girl! i know we jest about your age compared to mine but,,hehe,,i have a lot to learn from you. *coos obnoxiously*

Ellen J
you’re probably, like, the biggest genius in the world. Ellen, how’re you so sweet? no, seriously, tell me. your comments are like, a long list of happiness. i don’t think anyone really pours their genuine heart out as much as you do, my dear. you’re so fancy/poised (if that makes sense) i think we’d get along quite well in real life, actually! you’re just so kind that i wonder how much more awesome you can be, and then you hit me with your lovely writing. i adore you, dearest.

literally the most precious and darling people in the world. how’re you so precious, emi?? seriously, you went through my pieces and interacted with virtually all of them. i hope you know how much that means to me, my dear. i was also inspired by your baseball story: i think you’re just such a stellar person. keep it up, alright? <3

jun lei
i bet you didn’t see this coming back atcha, did you? well, deal with it, cause i’m gonna ramble about you too. hello, um, i’m looking for an icon? an absolutely galaxy girl? probably the most powerful one in existence? i’ve already told you how much i admire your pretty, ethereal writing, so i’ll say: i’m not one to come out of my shell very easily, but somehow, i felt so at ease talking to you. you’re such a chill and lovable person, and it’s easy to feel inspired by you. we’re definitely /that/ circalypso duo, btw. i’m gonna run off with you into the sunset now. you’re gorgeous, queen!

this one here...this one here’s my baby!! i think everyone knows that, though. mia, i can’t tell you how much i adore you. you coaxed me out of my shell when i first came to wtw, and nothing has meant more to me. you’re just so optimistic, kind, so happy, so bubbly, that it’s infectious! i’m quite the introvert, but you do a great job of bringing the more excited side of me out. *dragon finger dances*. i know we can always break dance together. also, how the heck are you so talented? how’s your imagery so vivid? you can’t have an amazing personality AND be this talented, seriously, spade good qualities for the rest of us. love you, dearest. mwah!

the contrarian (3/3 of the writers i consider as iconic, cool, no nonsense, older sister vibes)
if i told you that you’re a queen and an icon, you’d already know, right? i’m so sad to have joined after you unpublished your pieces. truly, it feels like i missed a great era. fortunately, though, i got to see your educational pieces! you’re so obviously intelligent, strong willed, and inspirational. you stand up for what’s right, and dare i say, you just give off such a...majestic aura doing so. have you considered pursuing journalism? also, this is so embarrassing to say, (between you and anha i’m getting really flustered) but you give off such a cool older sister vibe in the community? like, definitely someone i’d look up to and be nervous around irl. agh. i’m flustered.

white mountains
oh, my dear jo. between texting you and interacting on Wtw, nothing fills me with more joy. you were my first ever friend here, and really, the person who roped me into here! i truly never would’ve stayed if it weren’t for you. you’re just so effortlessly likable, so easygoing, and so, so kind and genuine with your compliments. i think that at some point, the universe would’ve brought us together. jeez, that was cheesy. anyways, your writing is so similar to you. it’s genuine and confident and straightforward while being graceful and beautiful. i admire how well you can convey your feelings with so much clarity on the page. love you the mostest, my dear, and it’s truly an honor to be your friend. mwah. have a donut! <3
-please don’t be sad if i didn’t include you! i’d love to get to know you/your writing more, just interact with me more often!
-if i said something about you that made me flustered don’t you dare make me flush even more,,i describe myself as a gremlin in my bio but i can only handle so much shame


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  • the contrarian

    Hope you're doing alright. I wanted to inform you that I'm minoring in journalism. Thank you for your support that you gave my informative pieces, and I hope you see my published works once I'm finally in a job. Take care of yourself, and if you ever need or want to talk then email me at - I can't promise I'll respond immediately, but you will always get a response from me. I'm here for you.

    about 1 month ago
  • birthdaycandles

    ah sunny you caught me!!!!!!! you're such a sweet human <3 i never expected anyone ever to do something so kind for me, but as always you surprise me with happiness in your comments! i've never been called 'soft' before and... i'm totally okay with that! ^-^ i'm pleased to be back now, especially because i have to catch up on all your latest masterpieces whilst i've been gone! what a treat to read! and yes of course you can have a virtual hug! *sends virtual air hug* missed you, and thank you for your words, they really helped me and meant a lot. never forget you rock, like limestone! (that's a type of rock - i was trying to be funny but i'm the kind of person that comes up with comebacks and jokes after the conversation has ended, can't really come up with them on the spot lol) <3

    5 months ago
  • joella

    also forgot to reply to ur comment! shortening links is super easy. just go to, enter the link you want to shorten, and they give you a link.

    6 months ago
  • Anha

    having bde is perhaps the biggest compliment you could have given me. glad to be lumped in with the contrarian and babyblue, they're some of the most talented writers i know. thanks for the praise <3

    6 months ago
  • joella

    this is the sweetest thing ever!! sunny, you've done so much here in such a short amount of time. i'm honestly in awe and i think if this was the other way around and you made it to wtw before me, you would've been my first idol. i love you and your writing so much!! might borrow this idea to spread the love (and will probably have a lot of the same people because great minds think alike but, you know, donut accepted :)) <3

    6 months ago
  • babybluelamentations

    ohhh, you are such a darling! i absolutely cannot believe that i’ve been grouped with anha and the contrarian, i’m gonna go cry in joy now. tysm, love (also, you have my wholehearted blessing for when you propose) <3

    6 months ago
  • Emi

    Aw, thanks so much, you really made my day. You're such an awesome person!

    6 months ago
  • the contrarian

    Aw, an older sister vibe? I appreciate it, but that's so off compared to how I am in real life. You're such a dear. <3

    6 months ago
  • Cheshire Cat

    How can I be an appreciated writer?

    6 months ago
  • Two Heartbeats

    Replying: Yes I will still be around until they ban me. I just feel like I get for targeting from the staff then respect. My work will be on the prose but I'll be here to chat, like and comment.

    6 months ago
  • delete

    I am absolutely blown away by this! Sunny, your heart is so just so large and warm, and I just woah, I just want to cry, because no one has been so kind as to show me appreciation like this. Just reading other people’s comments too, I can show how grateful you are for all the writers you love on this site. You’ve really inspired me to make an appreciation post of my own, now because happiness and positivity is the best thing for people to feel good about themselves! You are truly the loveliest person in the whole world. Xx

    6 months ago
  • fatpanda

    yes yes yes to all of these !!

    6 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    awww sunny thank you so muchhhh.
    Seriously though, I was having a hella crappy day today and this made it a million times better <3 <3

    6 months ago
  • jun lei

    much love to the calypso to my circe. there's no one i'd rather run off into the sunset with.

    6 months ago
  • asta

    oof i admire you so much too, your work is so good,,,like meet me on the astral plane ily

    6 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Aw, thank yooouuuuu!!! You're so awesome like ack. <3

    6 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Aww, you're so sweet! *attempts to dragon finger dance and gentle breakdance at once, with disastrous effects* You literally made my day! I am so glad you joined wtw! Your work is amazing and you're so kind and awesome! *mwah* ilysm! <3<3 *shoves donut guiltily into mouth* *covers face with hands* (what is with all these asterisks?)

    6 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    thanks, i appeachiate it! i see, i'm grapeful for our relationship. :) your writing is so pearfect i can't stand it! ;);););)
    seriously though, thank you <3 and did you really just call me-
    coo one more time and i'll make you eat an apple or something.

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v


    6 months ago