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June 7, 2020


Poison is what I will serve you 
And the best poison in the land. 
Picked from bloodied berries
By thy’s servant’s hand.  

Poison no rat would feast on, 
For a king avoids the impure 
But such a shame you’re a king, 
Who treats his people so poor. 

Poison is your heart, 
Boiling it black 
Stealing our everything, 
Not giving it back. 

Poison is your kingsmen, 
Who paint with our blood
As we speak out for change 
In a world of no good. 

Poison is what we are, 
So look at us with red, 
For when we attack, 
It’s off with our head. 

Poison is in your tea, 
Steaming in your cup
On a saucer, lined with sweets 
That better sweeten you up. 

Poison is your last drink, sire, 
Which will send you to Hell 
For your crimes are unforgiving 
To my people who fell. 
( 144 WORDS ) 


This was inspired by purple galaxy’s assassin prompt #poemsonly BUT I JUST REALISED I WAS TOO LATE POSTING THIS LMAO

But I’ve still posted it anyway. I wanted to go for a fantasy theme for this prompt. I know there’s a lot of assassination poems with the tyrant of a kingdom being killed, but I liked the idea of a trusted servant having power over the king with what food they serve him, so hopefully it’s an effective contrast of roles. 


If you read this far, please have a look at my review post if you would like any feedback!


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