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Happy Endings

June 6, 2020


I don't like happy endings. They don't feel true.
My favourite books are the ones where someone dies. 
No, I'm not a psycho, lol.
When I say happy endings, I mean ones where everyone lives, everyone falls in love and everyone is completely overjoyed with their lives.
They don't really have lives though, do they? 
This really begs the question 'What defines life?' 
     I think, life is defined by it's content, not quality. Life is never full of good moments; if that was the case then we wouldn't be full. Life isn't just bad moments either, because as humans, we enjoy things. Each other's company, listening to music, sitting outside in the sun or watching the rain pour down the window.
     Life is, kind of, like tasting. You don't only eat sweets, and as you get older you enjoy more varied food and you've experienced food that you do and don't enjoy stuff that's just gross and stuff that you enjoy more every time you have it. Maybe as kids, our experiences are mainly sweet and happy, and whatever isn't sweet and happy is broccoli: not acceptable. Whereas when we get older and more experienced we learn so much, joy and sadness, fear and boredom, and, of course, contentment. 
     So, back to books. Think back to the books that have shaped you. The first big book you read, the books with world-reaching influence, the books that you enjoy even if nobody enjoys it with you.
First big book you read?  First time having a fully-rounded meal.
Books with world-reaching influence?  Burger. 'Nuff said. 
Books that you enjoy even if nobody enjoys it with you? People eat and disagree on all kinds of weird stuff. (I like olives and anchovies.)
     When a book has an ending where all they do is get married, run around blindly and eat sweets is not an adult book.
Even if the book doesn't have life-or-death twists every page, they still have something real. A couple breaks up mutually. Betrayal and injustice. Someone gets sick and dies. The ending is always the best when the characters are CONTEMPT, they have found peace and are ready for another twist or, finally, they can settle down for a while with their memories. 
     The book needs to have a satisfying ending, but not a sugar-overload ending. The characters can fall in love, by all means, but not a flawless, picturesque romance. The future can be sunny and bright, but not without possible clouds on the horizon. They're emotions should include joy and happiness, but not without pain, fear, depression, or rage. 
     If I want to read a story about people, I want them to feel like real people I can connect with. Share their fear, their sadness, their anger, their contempt, AND their happiness.
     I love books <3
What're your fav books? Have you read The Giver by Lois Lowry? I recently read the series, and the Gone series by Michael Grant.


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  • Reigh

    Reply: We should definitely be friends. On an unrelated note, this piece is great and I totally agree. Happy endings kind of give us false perspective. How does the The Giver end? I never finished it.

    8 months ago