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There are worse things than running from your problems. All the same, you shouldn’t.” -someone somewhere, probably

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My leave of absence following several months of inactivity is over. I have returned and I will be here on and off.


June 5, 2020


Ooh the life in her 
vine-twisting green eyes
beside the dark peril
of her wide, round
holes to the soul
if she had one
is a contrast, 
or rather,
a contradiction 
this is a woman
who knew love
and felt deeply
but no longer lives
but even the dead change
she’s static
like a man on life support. 
she’s stuck in purgatory 
while I mourn her
I cry 
and I touch her sculpted face, 
pale and perfect as bone China
I tell her I love her
and she remains expressionless 
like a statue.
Well, tell me whatcha think peeps. I’d love to hear feedback on this or any piece. Hope y’all are having a good day! Stay safe and healthy. Wishing you well! :)


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1 Comment
  • Ahsan Nizaam

    It's beautiful. I really didn't understand the title which in an odd way intrigued me. Love for a sculpture is kind of sad and lonely.
    ‘holes to the soul
    if she had one
    is a contrast,
    or rather,
    a contradiction’
    These lines were the highlights

    6 months ago