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do i miss you guys? every time i open my notebook to start writing.
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My Journey with These Writing Lovelies #appreciationpost

June 6, 2020


So I want to try something a little different with this trend. I'm going to tell you a story about my WTW journey with these amazing people, because I wouldn't be where I am as a writer, without them:

I came to WTW around September of 2018, so about 2 years ago. When I started, I pretty much sucked at writing. That's when I came across weirdo who became my immediate WTW bestie. I absolutely adored their work & soon they started interacting with my pieces, then bam-next thing we know, we're assigned to each other as reviewing buddies (which is probably what strengthed us the most). And a while ago, they took some of their pieces down (which I adored), but I believe it was because they were reinventing themself. Anyway, I'm forever complimenting them, so I'm going to stop now ;D. Here's some of their work: float in a siren's poisoned melodyshe smells of wilting, white roses; Zora (Premature Decomposition), & soak your milky skin in my tide.

After, it wasn't long until I met the beloved icon, Anha. Quickly I learned that whenever I need an amazing read, I could count on her. Sometimes her work just blows me away. I remember my reaction to her following me: absolute shock & overwhelming excitement. Which looking back, perhaps it was a tad dramatic but you know what, I don't care. It was a mini-milestone for me. Because for a solid year, I always thought, she probably doesn't like me. But then I realized once she followed me, I was overreacting. Also, she's so blunt & honest, but still respect-a hard combo to come across, let me tell you. Anyway, before my break, I took on the (indirect) "challenge" Anha gave me: going through my work until I drowned & couldn't come back. So, since she's a too amazing writer to describe any further here's some of her (old) work I took a liking to: our heroes can finally restαγάπη | #caput draconis, & who knew that dissatisfaction manifested itself as eternal unhappiness?. (P.S: I saw you say something forever ago about not really liking first person p.o.v, and that's the only reason why i made my miniseries, twilight keeper, third person-which only works better probably. So thank you (even though you probably didn't know that ;)!)

Next thing I know, here comes Ursa, and we create this lovely writing connection. I obsess over her pieces & she obsesses over mine, and I'm not quite sure what happens, but somehow we end up commenting long paragraphs and reviewing each other's work all the time. It's died down lately, but we've both got busy lives, but I always know I can count on her for an amazing read or a full, in-depth analysis of my writing. Here, check out her work: words are all we havesalty sunsets make bittersweet endings, & a cloud's tears only evaporate under the gaze of the sun #kickoff.

Soon after, I started joining other sites and recognized another WTW member there: ashdeanmanns. He's been inactive forever, but he's part of my story. We started messaging (on other sites) and I've confided in him & him in me (I think?), and he's amazing. I also enjoy his writing, but he's definitely a friend I enjoy talking to. It's just, well, he's been there when I thought I had nobody (when I was in a dark place about a year and a half ago). (But I'm fine now!!)

Now for someone else, I'd never given a shout out to: BurningMidnightOil. We've been mutuals since I joined, she was one of the first people I followed. But one day I got a review from her and I was like, uhmm okay? Then we're commenting (annoyingly) back and forth just talking, and it felt.....amazing. Then we get information from each other and now we text on this email app like all the time. She's absolutely amazing! I love how spirited she is, with her extraordinary diction and wide personality. But what I love most, is how when I ask for feedback, she's blunt. Doesn't sugar coat it (but isn't mean about it), and sometimes I need that. So yeah, she's someone I'd consider a bestie of mine! So go, check her out: this love is worth more than all the pennies in the worldYou Are Quite Familiar With The Human Anatomythe dishwasher is dripping and i'm under this boulder.

Then life got crazy and I couldn't keep up, here came the contrarian, helping to guide me through it. She doesn't know it though, but I used to read her work religiously! If I went comment crazy on anyone, it's probably her. But now she posts essay like things, that I love, but I do miss her godly poetry: Just An Important Note On LGBT+ Rights/Discrimination! Republished.

Now, I know this must sound crazy but I like to think, I adopted mia_:). XD. When I first came across her, I thought, oh great, here comes another newbie. But I decided to step outside my comfort zone and take a chance with her. Instantly I fell in love with her writing and saw all her possibilities. So I liked her pieces and commenting almost daily, wrote a couple of reviews for her, interacted with her on WTW all the time. I even followed her (which sadly, I don't do enough of). So yeah, "i took her under my wing" if you can call it that? Now, try her writing out, I promise you'll love it: lemon drop summers & chocolate streaked skiescelestial life, heartbreak, and memory, & why should we dull the highlights in our eyes?.

Since I found her writing, I always felt like agustdv was that cool kid we all just kind of envy, but she doesn't really notice us (but not in a bad way). Like, how can you not love her writing? It's also so unique and personal and inspirational and honest and raw and breathtaking-just everything, okay? Here, see for yourself: d u s kserpentinei create a man of my dreams.

Shortly after, I found out she followed purplepanache. Instantly my thoughts were, oh snap, they're in the cool kid squad-let me check out their work! And oh boy, did I love it. So I followed them & read the amazing poetry and knew, that they was such a talented writer. And the day they followed me back, I freaked out too because I was like, gosh, the cool kids finally notice me, eeek! So check out these awesome pieces: when i first saw you i thought you were jewish and that was partly what i loved & madame bovary knew..

Ah yes, now for lovely poetri. On another website like a few weeks ago, I got this message, and unexpectedly, it was from poetri. Now, we were mutuals so I was curious about what was happening. But she was confiding in me! It just made me love her even more, omg. Like, her writing is so open and honest, that when I found her page, I took an immediate liking. And her message made me smile so we chatted a bit and now I can proudly say, we're better acquainted! So check these out: i wonder if anyone ever used 'jesus wept' as their confirmation verse--i wonder what their mother thought & yes sir yes sir yes sir we should be ashamed.

Also, Anne Blackwood is a sweetheart too. I nearly died of laughter when she confessed to me about how much she cherished my likes/comments and freaked out when I followed her-it was just adorable, sorry! I just didn't think anybody thought that highly of me, so hearing this made my day. And secretly, it was also the reason that kept me commenting and liking like crazy. So yeah, check out these great reads: Poetry Is  & even the sun must darken today.

Then during my break, jeily was there without even knowing. Me being her follow just gets to me every time & i adore her work dearly.

Last, but not least, elliemccul. This lovely person is the muse behind my twilight keeper miniseries. She gave me an amazing prompt that inspired chapter 1 and from there, I just couldn't stop! She's also super nice & supportive of everybody!

Here are a few others I stumbled upon & instantly fell in love with their writing:
Cressida (if i could pick one writer to read every day, it'd be here-i love her poetry & prose), sunny.vHappy butterflyjun lei (i feel like is forever complimenting others but never gets enough compliments of their own--so this ones for you: <3), crow_eDani A. RemlapJasmine_K (i'm just waiting for the day i find her marvelous poetry in a magazine i read), Ruthhchrysanthemums&ink (part of the younger half of WTW that i adore!), A Breath Into Silence (that's it, i'm officially requesting you to write me in a story--i'm ready to be part of your extraordinary worlds!), fatpandaTwo Heartbeats★ white mountains ★ (irl, we'd be having lots of sleepovers & dancing to music together crazily in the room), And_The_Stars_LaughedefflorescenceMarSanPureHeartr|A|i|N & rainandsonder (who are other WTW celebrities that are far too sophisticated for us), PouringOutTheSun (the only person who could write +1k short stories that I will actually commit to fully reading & not just skim or skip over while reading), Writers of the World (super helpful), 
Literally tried to get everyone in there, but at last, I know I forgot some *sighs*. I'm extremely sorry. I will say though thank you for my 250+ FOLLOWERS! You have me in tears guys, I love you all!! Thanks for the unyielding support, it's all of you guys that remind me I'm not a sucky writer. I'd list all you lovelies, but at last, I'm already at like +2k mark and surely doubt adding more words will make this a short read. Anyway, THANK YOU again.
I doubt I'll constantly republish this, so if anyone wants to they can let others know I wrote this? Aka the people I mentioned? Oh well, it doesn't matter, I just hope they see this XD
Also, HAPPY PRIDE! Here's my 1 pride piece I get to share with you guys: sapphic visionaries #passiton
Also, YES I know I'd say I'd be on a break (although, some of y'all make it sound like I died!), but sometimes when it's raining outside and you've used all your baking ingredients, well, you can't help but go online. *shrugs*. I stopped by to check out the may 2020 wtw highlights by Anha and saw this #appreciationpost trend by jun lei, and figured I might as well muster something up. Come to find out, I got carried away (again). Anyway, here's where I disappear & everyone wonders if I'll pop up again. Until next time *kisses*
I'm more active on other WRITING sites & get notifications when you msg/interact with me and my writing.


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  • Wisp

    "Quickly I learned that whenever I need an amazing read, I could count on her. Sometimes her work just blows me away. I remember my reaction to her following me: absolute shock & overwhelming excitement."
    Are you talking about yourself here Dmoral? Because this is literally how I feel about you. And reading this piece and the comments feels like going back in time and I'm getting such warm fuzzy feelings inside. You're such a darling and you're so kind and genuine and this piece was so raw that it made me smile so much my cheeks hurt. (Was this really +2000 words???? It didn't feel that long) Honestly, you're one of the cool kids here, the ones you described agustdv and purplepanache as. Started looking up to you and haven't stopped since. :)

    7 months ago
  • elliem

    Oh, my gosh, I just saw this but thank you so much! You are such a sweetheart and your twilight keeper miniseries is so amazingly gorgeous. Keep up the good work and glad to see that you're back!! :)

    11 months ago
  • purplepanache

    this is so incredibly sweet dmoral, cOoL kIdS sQuAd omg i have tears in my eyes. i enjoy your writing so much and your comments have always been so supportive and comprehensive. seriously, the way you touch upon everything in a piece always made me feel so special uwu. thank you so so much for including my lil dumbass out here and for being such an amazing person.

    11 months ago
  • Jasmine_K

    Hey again! :) You asked for the link and I'm here to deliver!

    11 months ago
  • Jasmine_K

    Oh gosh, ty for the mini shoutout! I'm actually quite proud to say that 'retrograde / excuses for war' is going to be out on Rising Pheonix Press tomorrow-- not sure if you read that one? But either way, I also wanted to thank you for the comments you leave on my pieces. They're so nice and you always point out something specific that you liked which is so touching to me haha.

    11 months ago
  • agustdv

    WDYM I DONT NOTICE U!!! ur my baby fr. i absolutely enjoyed reading your comments, yk. they were strong, meaty, and really pushes me to do better. i apologize for not returning the favor, but i felt like i really wouldnt be able to do you justice. thanks for the mention luv! toodles, enjoy your break!

    11 months ago
  • jeily

    aw this is so adorable, i'm so glad my support made you feel better. you were the first writer on wtw that i came across and the moment i read your hersheys piece i was like 'damn this is talent'. either way, you're a darling thank you for your kind words and i hope to see you back soon <3

    11 months ago
  • Ursa

    I'm completely honored dmoral, you're the sweetest <3 I will forever obsess over your pieces.
    also you act like you're not in the cool kid squad but I'm pretty sure you ARE the cool kid squad :)

    11 months ago
  • A Breath Into Silence

    :') you've been a big inspiration to me my whole time on this site! To be on this list is such an honor - I'm glad I made some impact on you, even if it'll never quite amount to the impact you've made on me! (And who knows? Maybe I've got a cameo or two for you in some short stories I've been cooking up :3 )

    11 months ago
  • jun lei

    love your twist on the prompt! glad to see you back, even if only for a short while. i never got to add you to my list because i gAvE uP after 2k, but your comments are always so thoughtful, sweet, and supportive. you are one of the many queens who graces this community, and i'm honestly honored that you think i deserve a place on this list. <3

    11 months ago
  • doodleninja

    aw, I loved reading this so much, hearing about your journey and all the wonderful people you met; that was so heartwarming; definitely continue writing wherever you are, wherever you go! :D

    11 months ago
  • Cheshire Cat

    How can I be an appreciated writer?

    11 months ago
  • jaii

    wow am i really the first one on the list?? didn’t know i had such an influence on you so early on! i’m honored.
    ahhh our reviewing buddy days were grand weren’t they? i always loved receiving a review from you and i also loved reviewing your work. fun fact: i’ve never been able to review a piece the same way i have reviewed your’s. probably because the writing style you have established is so defined and it’s so much easier to point out certain aspects. though it still is difficult to find something to improve in such spectacular pieces.
    oop um yes i was reinventing myself when i unpublished those pieces but also uhh i just hated them lmao and didn’t want someone to scroll through my old pieces @_@
    thank you so much! you are such an angel. i am lucky to have you, and so is the entire wtw community

    11 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Yeah I agree with Anne! Like, you're one of the idols! Would copy and paste her entire comment, since it pretty much sums up what I feel rn but can't put into words!!! LOVE YOU!!!!! <3<3<3 *hugs!* THANK YOU! <3

    11 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    OMIGOSH THANK YOU. I can't believe you mentioned me, ACK. My brain is overloading. " gosh, the cool kids finally notice me, eeek!" yep that pretty much sums it up. Maniacal ecstatic giggling and squeaking my excitement to my brother also happened. Also, I DIED laughing reading about you adopting mia_:), because 1) that's adorable, 2) I love her. Anyway, you're amazing and talented and wonderful and I'm running out of adjectives. <3

    11 months ago
  • sunny.v

    ok me too...dude i’m like super like...i’m a newbie (ew, i know HAHA) so you shouting me out is like?? i didn’t get the chance to know you very well before you left but i could already tell that you were a big part of the community so!! holy crap that shout out is awesome, especially coming from you. when/if you come back...*awkwardly waves*
    ps also my friend adores you and she wrote you a little smth so :O

    11 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Aww you're so sweet! I'm proud to be adopted by you! Thanks for taking a chance on me! I really appreciate you always being there for me and encouraging me and giving me much-needed feedback! ilysm!!! My heart literally melted when you gave me a shout-out because I idolize you so much! <3<3

    11 months ago
  • sunny.v


    11 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    i'm going to be honest, i was too shy to really leave comments on your pieces? the most i could do was like them and then hide behind a corner or something. when you followed me i actually jumped off my chair and cheered.
    btw i wrote this piece a long time ago and i regret it a little but it's kinda accurate:
    i wrote it for you <3 *runs off again*

    11 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    Also I remember when you made this super long comment on one of my pieces and followed me,I literally cried and was jumping around the house (literally)and now I'm crying again.I just feel like giving you a hug lol

    11 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    You are so sweet.Your work is an inspiration to me and you are just so kind.I am so honored to even be mentioned. Thank you<3

    11 months ago
  • Cressida

    This is so amazing and thoughtful! I was so honored to be included amongst all of those amazing writers that have shaped your journey, and thank you for putting so much effort into praising other writers :). Still regret that I didn’t have much time to get to know you better on this website, but your writing/pieces are definitely some of the best on WtW (like @poetri said). Hope your summer is going well!

    11 months ago
  • efflorescence

    aaa this is so sweet! appreciation posts always make me warm and fuzzy inside

    11 months ago
  • Two Heartbeats

    <3 So much love for you and your work

    11 months ago
  • poetri

    aahhh this is SO sweet :) I'm so happy we got to know each other a little. You're easily one of the best writers on this site and definitely one of the kindest. Thanks so much for including me in this and all your support, it means the world.

    11 months ago