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she/her. 17, i wrote poetry
2017-2021. thank you.

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Well. It's quite on-brand that I turn 16 and immediately write a piece like this. This kind of just came out when I was listening to a mashup of Lion and Oh My God, both by (G)I-DLE. Feedback is appreciated!

reflection on being the older sister

June 5, 2020


Wáng guàn - Crown.
mary magdalene has been a whore and a nun. this is to say i no longer trust men. my mother had two daughters and does not wish that fate onto me. i tell her not to worry; i have learned to hold my car keys at a 73 degree angle and shove them into my back exactly six inches. there is nothing men fear more than a mother tongue, so sometimes when it is late at night i put on my thinnest robe and scream curses into the night in mandarin. i say oh god and i do not expect it to set me free. here: i have been raised right. there is no need for the divine, which is to say i have fed myself fire and called it resurrection. i bite the insides of my cheeks and spit bloody saliva into the fishbowl, anoint my little sister with the concoction. i teach her to apply highlighter in the center of her lips so they look extra shiny when she coats them in lip gloss. there are a thousand eyes in the night. they keep me warm. this sisterhood is a lie, but it is a universal one. i paint her nails a baby pink, in hopes that someday she will work her fingers into my hair and yank.


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  • joella

    wow!! this is amazing, as always. also happy birthday :)

    about 1 year ago