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The Illusion Of Control | Chapter 3, Deirdre

June 6, 2020


Chapter 3

“What if?” 
I ask the stone castle walls.
The hardwood floors.
The impossibly high ceilings.
I shout it to the best of my capabilities
till my throat aches
and I have to stop 
before I
something important.

“You are aware
you need that voice 
to speak, correct?”

I bite down a grimace
and plaster on a smile.
All that matters 
is that it looks

I turn my head
acting more surprised than I am.
Do you know
how much effort it takes
to keep the 
out of my voice?

She all but sighs my name.

She smiles that smile
the one that makes me feel
for not loving her.

“I’ve been looking for you.
We all have, actually.”
She places her hand on my shoulder,
notices it’s wet,
and curls her lips mischievously.

“You went out.”

It’s not a question.
I’m not obligated to confirm 
nor deny,
despite her being
my fiance.

But I don’t want 
to raise suspicion because
I’m quite talkative.

“I was rather restless
so I took a walk in the forest
but the weather was too unfavorable
and I quickly returned.”

Her cheeks color themselves rose.
I find myself
I loved her
because she’s 

She places the hand
that was on my shoulder
on her cheek
presumably to cool her face.

Despite my sour mood,
my smile becomes somewhat 

“One day
I’ll take you for a picnic.
We can escape together.
What do you say?”

A shrill giggle 
and an armful
of warm curves
is her reply.

“I’d love to escape with you,
my dear.”
She whispers,
her lips grazing my ear,
her voice dripping in affection,
her arms coiled around my neck,
her soft, fair body pressed against mine.

I have to choke down my distaste.
It’s not her fault
I don’t have the capacity to love women.
She doesn’t know
about my perversions.
How could she?
She thinks I love her
Howdy. Here's chapter three and with it... the introduction of Deirdre!!! Guys, y'all have no idea how much I fracking love Deirdre. She's a delight to write about and an amazing person and I just ugh I love her so much. 
As usual: like or comment if you liked the piece and have a nice day :)

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  • barelybear

    Woah I’m so glad you did that sonnet competition because I’d never seen your account before. This novel is so cool! I love reading these kinds of books (ngl I probably should have read before entering but I got a *teeny tiny kinda mountain-load* bit excited about finally having something to do).

    ahaha (:

    3 months ago

    um. this just gets better. and I kinda love dierdre already, she sounds like a boss. ok, chapoter 4!!

    3 months ago
  • Eremurus

    I have a number of things to say: "Her cheeks color themselves rose" and "her voice dripping in affection" love the way you put that, love it so much; I was surprised when I read how much you like Deidre, you wrote Henry's dislike of her in there so well; this plot is soo cool I can tell already, need to finish reading all of this tonight

    3 months ago
  • Busssy.Beee

    woahhhh, is this an arranged marriage? *insert thinking emoji* anyway, fave lines, "She whispers, ; her lips grazing my ear, ; her voice dripping in affection, ; her arms coiled around my neck, ; her soft, fair body pressed against mine."

    3 months ago