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formerly palindrome but i needed some change
if any of y'all listen to the podcast the Magnus Archives please tell me!! i need a friend in that fandom!!! it's amazing!!
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please give me feedback! don't hesitate to RIP IT TO SHREDS I NEED CRITICISM TO SURVIVE


June 5, 2020


    She gazed at the empty streets. Smoke wreathed her head, burning her throat and lungs. To see her standing there, enthroned upon the rubble, one might marvel at her beauty. It certainly was unearthly, untouchable.
          One might marvel, but most don’t.
          Scars traced tales of battles won and lost across her body. Jagged angles, long healed bullet holes, a patch of burns, all telling a story too often ignored. A nasty cut spread across her chest, still dripping blood slowly down her body.
          She wore these scars like medals. They were well deserved, a warning- I have fought and been hurt yet I am still alive, tread lightly here. She glanced, unconcerned, down at her hands, still caked with ash.
          She clapped once, twice dusting off the excess powder, revealing an angry burn on her palm. The skin stretched and distorted over her bones, rippling in a way that would seem painful.
          Around her, the world burned.


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