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warm skies

June 5, 2020


The sky was warm today. It replaced the biting cold with reassuring coziness.

The orange undertones on the clouds felt like warmth and comfort piled up, about to rain down on us. The sky was a beige colour, almost orange, but not quite.

Despite my hands and feet being numb and my head aching due to the bitter coldness of the air, a wave of sweet, comfortable warmness washed over me.

My sleepy eyes started to adjust to the light and my drowsiness faded.

My bag filled with heavy books and a bulky laptop, along with my blazer and sweater weighed me down and made my shoulders ache.

The reoccurring warmth came back again, and for a moment, everything was alright.

It was six o'clock.
I was just describing how I felt when I was walking back from school, Just something I threw together! XD


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  • Jasmine khawar

    So good!!!
    I felt so relaxed after reading this <3

    6 months ago