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somewhat inspired by lydia davis’s short stories.
feedback is very very much appreciated. comments & reviews mean the world!

Making Dinner

June 7, 2020


Mom cuts tomatoes
So they’re clean and precise, fresh red

Hemispheres wetted in pale ooze and slit
Evenly along the hard white ridges.

I cannot cut a tomato without
Splintering its bones, pressing bluntly

On its flesh so the juice slips out of the 
Pink-stained hollows.

My jittery, awkward cuts are put in
The green bowl with Mom’s perfect cubes

And even after I am patiently taught I wonder
How she does it.


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  • Anlee

    this is too relatable...yikes XD
    -a terrible cook but a foodie

    4 months ago
  • Spade

    My method for cutting tomatoes: use your teeth. No one else needs any.

    4 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: yep, cursed child let us all down. puppet pals is hilarious as well.
    and, a part of me thinks that avps kind of predicted?? cursed child. with the time travelling, the time turner premise and dumbledore being hella gay.
    and quirrelmort is bloody everything.

    4 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: OMG OMG OMG.
    sorry, it's just super exciting about finding another avpm fan. like, no one ik watches it. and yes, i honestly ship hinny more in the musicals then i do in the movies. i had the phattest crush (and still do) on darren criss. as for favourite lines, it would have to be "pigfarts, pigfarts, here i come, pigfarts, pigfarts, yum yum yum". gets me every time.

    4 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    replying: although i'm a sucker for fan-made harry potter content, i haven't read harry: a history, though you've definitely got me intrigued now. and yes, i did read the essay she posted later, which was even more hurtful than her earlier tweets, honestly. heartbreaking to see your childhood hero make such a statement. nothing she says is ever going to stop or love for the books <3.
    also, on a lighter note: have you seen a very potter musical? it's this fan-made and unofficial parody musical on youtube. 100% recommend. the songs have made me cry, more than once.

    4 months ago
  • AbiJoy

    I loved this and so I went and read some Lydia Davis stories and now I'm obsessed... Thank you!

    5 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Gosh that's relatable XD

    5 months ago