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June 5, 2020

My eyes fell on a bird. It had silken feather, brown, golden. It has exquisite feathers, rare blue shiny eyes. It had a small baby bird near its chest. the baby was pinkish-brown with a shade of peach and white. the had made a small nest on the window. my mother feeds them daily. they pick each piece of rice with their beak which was in brownish-black color. the parent bird picked up each grain with its beak and fed the baby bird. i saw an egg in the nest. it was white shiny and of 5 cm. the birds were chirping very sweetly and calmly. but when I neared to see them closely, they flew away. they are afraid of me. they might think of me as a giant who is like a monster. but they aren't scared of my mom. my mom's opinion is that they are on our windowpane because of scorching and burning heat. they felt very cool here so they made a nest. they are very sweet, cute and now we have become friends.

I was always fascinated by the house which I could see from my window. I don't know whose it is. it was peachish brown in color and had black windows. they have a small backyard. I often hear kids playing there. there is a creeping silence during the day. I hear pin-drop silence. But during the night I hear kids playing, crying, and listening to Taylor Swift's songs. what surprises me is that I have never seen them. I sometimes smell something burning from there house. months passed and yet I dust collected their windows. to my surprise, I have never seen light on in their house. they had a rose flower panted but now it is wilted. I have noticed some writings on their windows. it is spray painted. I tried to understand what was written but couldn't .but yet every night I hear creepy noises. 

My hands softly press the keyboard. running in multiple directions. the sound of keys pressing gives my satisfaction that I have done today's work. these black keys with multiple signs, symbols, and letters. I love constructing buildings from these bricks. each key has its significance. ESC helps me escape from my life and enter a new world. shift key shifts my attention from my problems. Caps never cap me. Ctrl tells me how I control its life. SPACE key gives me my own personal space. Delete key removes my problems. The back key helps me correct my past. when I type on the keyboard the neurons of my finger send messages to my brain about how contented I am.  the keyboard takes me to a new world of tranquility.

My eyes didn't believe it. My heartbeat was running fast. My body felt numb. My heart was frozen. I couldn't feel anything. My muscles tightened. My body parts became devoid of oxygen supply. I couldn't breathe. My hands are still shivering. I was sweating. I couldn't feel blood running in my body. My chest was in pain. Words didn't come out of my mouth. I still can't believe it.

I saw some cobbles and pebbles lying near the river flowing by. I wondered if they might have traveled all the way from mountain to the plains. Maybe one day, there was a huge flood and they flowed away with water. Separated from their parents. Maybe they afraid that water will erode them and lead to weathering. They looked sad. They were of reddish-brown color. The added to the beauty of nature. Riverbanks are very peaceful and these pebbles and cobbles added to the tranquility. Even though they are very sad they make any one's day happy and bright. Nature is indeed curing.


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