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I love my fur-baby
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To Princess

June 5, 2020


The cat's rolling around on the floor.
She's got a crazy look in her eyes.
Stupid cat.
She leapt, latched onto my leg, sunk her claws in and tripped me over.
'When Life isn't exactly perfect or, even, is ignoring you, go and rip Life's legs off I guess.'
     Cats have it easy, they're our fur-babies. They get free food, water, and tummy rubs. In my Princess's case, lots of food and always someone to play with. She's a black, domestic short-hair, and she was the runt of her litter. She's only like three years old, but I feel like she's been here forever. I guess I've had her through a lot of moments.
The good ones, and the bad ones. The fun ones, and the pointy-teeth ones. The heartbroken ones, and the angst ones. The adult ones, and the teenager ones.
     She's pretty thin, because she exercises I guess, no matter how much she eats she hasn't become a chubby, big cat. She's perfect just the way she is.
     She's taught me a lot of things. How to be affectionate, a good listener, and how to get vengeance, all at the same time. How to be cute and cool, cuddly and charismatic, edgy and sparkly. How to get the necessities done and how to relax with a book and a cuppa. She's teaching me the refined goth aesthetic, and the admirable office-worker woman persona.  
In a weird way, she's teaching me how to be human.
     By the time I'm an adult, she'll be too old to move with me. I'll move house, get a job, a few hours away from this place, and leave my best friend. I guess, when that time comes, she'll teach me about letting things go, and moving along with life. I'm going to enjoy every second I have with my Princess with that in mind then. And I have plenty of time at home in quarantine with her.
     In the meantime, we enjoy my untidy room together. The occasionally stressful parents. The music, the junk food, the Netflix marathons. The human-friendship dramas, the eventual boyfriend situation, the lonely afternoons and the quiet, cold, sunny days indoors. 
     Sometimes, I'm fully convinced that she's my sister. She teaches me fashion, demeanor, how to convince people to feed me.
Just, please. Next time I have a hot cuppa, dont-
Stupid cat.
I love you Princess.
I love my fur-baby
Just so I don't trigger people, I love cats and dogs EQUALLY
Actually, I love ALL kinds of pets
I dont like birds though, fight me :P


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