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sea foam.

June 5, 2020


This isn't the first time I find myself here.

Bee surrounding me,
Buzzing flooding my mind,
Calling me forward.

The ocean's song is strong.
Her body alluring 
Like concrete to a numb heart.
Her song soothing
Like honey to the wealthy.

Sand, like a loving hand, keeps me
It holds me back like the thought of plum trees.

Plum trees and cherries
Snowy mountains
Fireplaces, sing-alongs,
Rollercoasters and churros,
Coco and soapy snow
Dark blankets over dirt kitchens
Maple pools and lost white bikes

The buzzing fades as I am handed a glass of milk.

Soothed by the sound of typing,
Rocked by the smell of rice.
Calmed by the taste of clear melon.

Their voices.
Their names.
Their faces.

And for a brief moment, 

the waves cease.


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