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New story idea I had. Hopefully you like. Most of the actors are made up, due to the fact that I want to create a bunch of fake movies and needed actors in them. Enjoy so far - part three coming. This (and part one and three) reads like a TV pilot.

rocky and stone (everybody wants to be famous, part two)

June 5, 2020



december 31st, 1999
new year's eve
6:46 pm
the ritz-carlton

sydney, australia

a lavish, borderline kitsch hotel suite; room service trays spread across an expensive, mahogany table. there's diego, picking at the food. and there's leo, scratching the label off a beer bottle, a nervous habit he'd picked up.

diego, facing leo: Something's bothering you, Stone... no?

leo (dryly): Is it that obvious?

diego: You maim your beer label when you're nervous... or thinking hard about something. (pause) Are you sure that this isn't about-

leo: I really think I need a steady gig, man. Somethin' regular. (he pauses) I'm not sayin' I'm considerin' it, but... 

diego: Not this again!

leo: Well, I may not have a choice! (he sighs) Look, Rocky: Curaçao's long over. It's been in theatres since October. (slightly distressed) I'm happy it did well at the box office, but it was my first real movie, and I want to be smart about these types of things. I'm not cash-strapped now, but what happens in four months? Six? (pause) No, I need a gig. And I need it soon, or I'm out of work.

diego, in italian: Lo so, amico. I know you're stressed. But there's no point in driving yourself crazy over a future that may not even happen! Stone, you're Hollywood's newest teen heartthrob. Avant-garde leading man. Curaçao cemented that. Studios will be falling over themselves - very much like your new armada of fangirls - to offer you roles, and your schedule will be full again in no time. Your agent's phone lines will be going crazy. Trust me.

leo: I've been thinkin' about doing another recurrin' stint on a TV series. 

diego, sharply: Listen to me, and listen to me now, Stone. That was seven years of our lives - of our teen years - that we'll never get back. It led me to you, and for that I'm grateful, but I'm not going down that road again. Rocky and Stone ran for seven consecutive seasons, and we were both out of work for a good three years after that. So, please; I implore you, Leo. Another stint on television is equivalent to selling out. What about the movies? Think of the movies, Stone.

leo, frustrated: What about the movies, Diego? Curaçao may well have saved my career and got me recognized, fine. But the idea that I might wake up tomorrow flat-broke? That scares the shit outta me, man. Can you really blame me for not wantin' to lose the best damn thing that ever happened to me? 

diego, changing the subject: Look. I get that you're worried. So stop (he snatches the beer bottle away from leo, who is still scratching at the label) doing this, and get up. You need something to take your mind off of things you have no control over. (pause) Your Curaçao costar - Stephen McAster - is throwing a party halfway across town, and if we leave now, we can still make it.

leo (confused): What for?

diego (pointedly): It's New Year's Eve. That's why we're spending it here, vacationing at one of the best New Year's Eve places in the world. For all Hollywood's talk, Sydney knows how to celebrate. Come on, Stone.

leo: Oh, I don't know. (pause) Who wants to be alone on New Year's, anyway?

diego (clearly exasperated with his friend): Oh, here we go. You're playing the love life card? You're really going to play the love life card? (sighs loudly) Your love life is non-existent, and has been for about three and a half months. I get that you're still not over your beautiful, amazing Curaçao leading lady, and I'm sorry that it didn't work out, but maybe that's a wake-up call: never, ever get involved with someone you work with. Even if that someone is the undeniably lovely, multi-Oscar winning actress Mira Dahmer.

leo: But it was different with Mira. (pause) Ack, this'll sound stupid, but... I think I was in love with her. I was.

diego (intent, folding his arms): As your wingman and long-time brother, I think it's time for you to get back out there. Starting tonight. (insistent) McAster's party will be imballato con all sorts of Hollywood girls, just like Mira... ones that you haven't been onset with... and you'll have your choice. You're Leo Stone, leading man of Curaçao. Come on. (he sighs) If you're not sure, we could do an old-fashioned, Rocky and Stone gamble.

leo (appalled, mouth hanging open): Really, Rocco? We're placing our bets on my happiness now? Placing our bets on my love life? Really?

diego: Precisely. (pause) Let's talk terms. If you can't find someone to kiss at midnight... you have to pay up.

leo (now annoyed): I'm not payin' up.

diego: You're paying up. And you know how I know? (pause) You're the most stubborn person I know, Stone. You're not going to let this go. It's going to be in your mind all night, so sei il benvenuto. This is going to stick by you.

leo: I hate this.

diego: I know. But this is the price that comes with being an eligible bachelor in Hollywood. And who knows? You might meet someone there. Your new Mira.

leo (sighing): I don't know, Rocky. I wouldn't even know what to say.

diego (in a leo impression): "Hey, I'm Leo Stone. I'm fresh off the set of Curaçao, a war epic blockbuster in which I play Major James Carson, naval aviator and fearless hero. Can I buy you a drink?"

leo: That's ridiculous. I'm not gonna say that to someone. That's so stupid, Rock. (slight pause) You really think it'd work?

diego: Talk up your achievements, amico. And stop stressing out about everything.

leo: Ack, I know. It's just that... ah, never mind. It's stupid.

diego: Hey.

leo: It's just that... that everyone expects me to be someone I'm not, you know? Suddenly I'm not Leo Stone, I'm Leo Stone. I'm Major James Carson. But that's not me. I'm not some Hollywood golden boy dreamboat. (he sighs) There's always gonna be more than what people see, isn't there? (pause) Now that's the real price we pay.


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  • queenie

    I probably should have read part one first, but I love the dynamic these two have!

    over 1 year ago