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Please feel free to leave comments/criticisms, I haven’t been writing poetry for very long and I’m determined to improve!

Star Clashed Lovers

June 5, 2020


If I look into your eyes 
I can see the cosmos, swirling, waltzing
Across the canvas. There is no light in space
Except the light you seek in stars-
The constellations you crafted remain 
Etched into my irises, you taught me to see.

One by one, stars fall from grace,
Cosmic calamity crashing down your face
In a shallow supernova. Forgive me.
I can see the truth now, the fate
We are both guilty for pushing aside
Despite believing in our innocence.

There is no light in space
Except the stars you collect,
When one dies simply steal another.

If Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers
Then we’re star-clashed;
Immense speed forced us in doomed paths until
A collision dispersed us as dust.
Energy wept into the void,
Disappearing, a scar in the tissue of eternity.

Time was never on our side, no-
The universe, swarming with infinite possibilities
(None of which were gifted to us) was 
Too unknown for us to handle;
The coiled comets that lay beyond our vision
Couldn’t become our new future.

If I look into your eyes,
I can see a black hole, shrinking, bleak in the
Absence of all feeling. Maybe the stars are
Fraught with silent fear, out of reach
In the vast nothing where we’re stranded.
Maybe the stars aren’t enough for us.
Edited, idk if I made it better or worse but here we go :)


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  • Anne Blackwood

    I just ADORE your new edits; they make the poem more... tangible? That's a weird word to describe a piece, but it fits. I have to say, though, I slightly prefer the old version for just the first stanza (I read them side by side).

    about 1 year ago
  • outoftheblue

    this is absolutely stunning. you should write more science-y poems!

    about 1 year ago