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Sometimes I tell stories. Most of the time I rattle my soul until I break and my heart spills out onto the page.

"I cannot jump the distance. You'll have to toss me!"--Gimli, LOTR

I am a complete nerd. I got the Ring of Power for my birthday.

Book recommendations:
The Oath--Frank E. Peretti
Lord of the Rings--J.R.R. Tolkien

Song recommendation: "Awake" by Beckah Shae

I'm going to meet the King someday!
And I'm super pumped!

drinking deep

June 3, 2020


let the waves crash over me
foam settling atop my head
salt in my eyes and encrusting on
my eyelids
let the surf swallow me whole
churning above me
let me stare upwards and swim
for the surface only to turn
and go deeper
let me drink from this fountain
of infinite supply
i read once that there are
twenty septillion drops in the ocean
unimaginable mass and yet
so small compared to you
let this love of yours overtake me
like a wave breaking above my head


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1 Comment
  • Anne Blackwood

    Such a vivid, emotive piece! I recommend Hawk Nelson's song Drops In The Ocean; this reminded me of it.

    9 months ago