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how did this turn into... oh well.

petal, lips, breeze.

prompt 4

good luck y'all!

effigy of a lover | #rollthedice_4 | TW: graphic imagery

June 11, 2020



bought you at a rundown convenience store, decaying neon lights luring me in, moth to a flame. 
i notice the tinge of pink on your plastic cheeks, tug you home by your cold hand, past the yellow cut-out imitation of the moon, past the diabolical eyes of Mona Lisa, and past the demons on the street. 
i hold you to my chest—your scent, of rose petal ashes and gasoline tempts me in further. let's stay like this for a while, an effigy and a poor excuse of a human being can love, right? 

you pull me into your arms, thumbing at my cracked lips, canyons of bloody erosion. lick at my tears, the hell enveloping my body feels strangely comfortable. with your teeth, grind my brittle bones into powder blush and flaunt my heart to the society that broke it. 
your paper lips taste anything but soft, but i press my mouth to your collarbone anyways, your fingernails scraping the side of my face madder. together, we lie awake, coated in a nauseous moonlit sheen and swallowing each others' fragile heat. 
people like me, miserable human fleshbags dotting your irises red with petal-made paint. by the sixth day, the fragrance should be akin to poison gas, though it doesn't smell so. all along, you were a trojan horse, right? 

you, an cheap effigy: follow the instructions on the package for maximum satisfaction. i see i see, so this brand of love can only be achieved by ignition. 
wind tends to the fire all by itself, your flammable floral perfume smells sweet even now, marred by flames. the breeze accompanies you to purgatory. 
if i can burn you to the ground, maybe i'll get a little warmer. 

in the depths of your pink eyes, maybe you were once human, who knows. convenient convenience store love, guess it can't beat the real thing after all. me, a pathetic human being goes back to buy another, but my fingers scald as soon as i try to let go. a curse, well played and well deserved. 
in the bitter wind, i can hear your voice and feel your sandpaper hands on my nape. perhaps, the fire did not burn for long enough, for i am cold again. 
you, a devilish effigy with the most beautiful eyes and prettiest lips, was nothing but a illusion of heat. drag me to  satanic depths, but i can't cross the boundary with you just yet, no. 

simply, your ashes rest on the bottom of my empty rib cage. if i dare open my mouth, if i dare give my heart away again then i'm afraid—

this bitter night won't fade from my body, you lipstick stains still linger, you treacherous effigy, i wish i could take it all back from the day we met. no one else can replace what i lost, no sweet reunion in sight, so—

the breeze blows you away. 


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  • joella

    i don’t deserve to exist on the same plane of reality as your writing

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    dude i just realized the three words you got are all lyrics from nct u’s baby don’t stop....*lips emoji* I’ve connected the dots...

    6 months ago
  • elliem

    Wow. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love it so much!! Thank you for entering again. Another fresh, engaging, and intriguing piece from you. You’re so talented!! :)

    6 months ago
  • Madeline Harper

    This is a fantastic piece of writing, so raw and well written.

    6 months ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    I love these descriptions. This piece is so real and raw, and I think you executed the structure perfectly. Well done!

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    i’m like way too tired to say anything of substance but wow. this is amazing. so...dark. hdhfdjx i’m sorry i’m like brain mush but seriously this is like...whew! love this <3

    6 months ago