Emma Gold

United States

"And from the ashes, a phoenix will rise."

Message to Readers

I'm not quite sure what this poem is. I began with the vague idea that I would speak about the twisted nature of the political system, and somehow "What is Grey?" sprouted from those crude beginnings. Anyways, I appreciate any feedback you have to offer!

What is Grey?

June 3, 2020

PROMPT: Flashlight

A vast expanse of all-consuming greyness,
Rolling over hills and cresting mountains
A tidal wave of fog crashing over the earth
And leaving it no time to recover.

Beneath the glaring white of sunlight,
The haze fades away
And under the starry black dome of night
The mist is buried
But not truly is the murky greyness every gone.

As deceptive as a rose, the greyness is
Tangled in thorns and laced in lies
Swirling, shifting, an ever-changing pool
Wickedness, generosity, cruelty, kindness
Are one and all the same.



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1 Comment
  • EdilMayHampsen

    "As deceptive as a rose, the greyness is ,Tangled in thorns and laced in lies" I love how you combine the concepts of mist and grey and obscuring in this piece! Very powerful word choice as well.

    5 months ago