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Take Me Back To Where?

June 5, 2020

PROMPT: Heart Trails

Take me back to where
all people are happy
take me back to where
I see people younger and old
coming together
take me back to where
everyone cares about each other
no matter if their black or white
take me back to where
everyone is unique in their own way
take me back to where
the air is fresh and clean
and the clouds are white and fluffy
take me back to where
everyone has a home
and a comfortable bed
take me back to where
money doesn't matter
and in exchange for money,
there are flowers blooming everywhere you look
take me back to where
the people have fresh clean food and water
that feel smooth in your hands
take me back to where 
the sun shines every day
take me back to where 
the people are all kind and never fight
take me back to where
no one blames each other
to where the world is clean
to where the animals can survive
happy that no one will ever hurt them
take me back to where
My heart will be.

Take me to the world
that was before this one,
where everyone has something to look forward to
where everyone can live without worrying about there next meal
or when they will see their family again
take me back to the world
that doesn't have air pollution
or animals looking for a home they call their own
take me back to the world
those others cared for eachother
or that didn't care what others looked like
take me back to the world 
that my heart is
and it will always be in a different world
unless everyone makes a change.

Although I have not been to this place
I know it would be perfect
A place my feet will follow my heart
because the air would be clean
I would see happy faces all around
I would hear the animals roaming free happy to have a home
I would feel the heat of the sun beating on me
I would smell the rain that fell days before
I would taste the freshness of the air.
a place my feet would follow.


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