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Stop Think! There is No Room to DISCRIMINATE | Trigger Warning If needed?

June 4, 2020

This piece contains information about the recent events with George Floyd and various others as hinted by the prompt. Please do NOT read if you are deeply affected by this topic and triggered by the events. Thank you 

If this prompt had come out a week ago I would have published my piece "I can't breathe" under it so please please please, click the link, read the words and watch the video here. It is a spoken word piece and I believe that it is way more powerful when spoken. Not really sure whether I'm going to format this, right a rant or a poem so I'm just going to see what it turns out to be. 

Stop Think! There is No Room to DISCRIMINATE

There is no black side,
There is no blue side, 
There is no white side,
Only a right side and a wrong side. 

For years we have built our countries on slavery, 
Institutionalised racism but we called it bravery,
We pretend its not there 
Like the message, ignore
Spread hate cause you can,
Stop - I am not a fan. 

Mistakes made in the past 
We need to learn from them.
We cannot make them last, 
We need to cut it right from the stem. 

But why? How?

This is not a question of politics but morality
And you cannot come at it with neutrality.
Post the message, stop think,
Cause your actions they have a link. 

You can't stop something you never knew you did though, 
Keep reading cause there is more for us to know.

It alarms me how many people don't know the meaning of discriminate - 
To make a prejudicial distinction - choosing a group of people to hate.

Stereotypes stop following we need to start breaking
This event really has the world waking 
Understanding that different types of people are all equal
Race, sex or age doesn't matter - we are not making a movie sequel

People are dying at the hands of our actions 
We are one community - divided into factions
But everything we do affects everyone of us
To any black person who reads this I'm so sorry thus.

I right this to educate cause we need to know this
They are people they deserve the same kinda bliss

And if you are troubled by this
Imagine how they feel
They are hanging onto life by the edge
Because of our privilege.

So I am trying to understand
What happened, why is this planned

A planned part of our past 
And apparently our present
But it doesn't have to be our future too
Don't you even let it.

I leave you with a thought, 
A thought that is my own 
Level the playing field
So societies hate can be healed.

This is not edited at all - its like a rant in a sort of poem mostly rhyming style. I 100% recommend and ask you to sign that petition, read that book, watch that movie, educated yourselves, stay updated and SPREAD AWARENESS! AND as write the world is a worldwide website it is important that I mention that there is still prejudice is almost every if not every country in the world. It is alarming and upsetting to me. Below I am going to post a list of Do's and Don'ts as a NON-black person. 

- Check yourself: Even if you actively fight you are benefitting from centuries of oppression. Don't centre yourself in the movement (it is not about you) actively SUPPORT it. 
- Talk about Racism with other people: Spread awareness
- When you act, act with urgency! The time is now not tomorrow, not next year, NOW
- CALL OUT WHITE/OTHER PRIVILEGE: When you see it acknowledge it. Make other people see it too.
- Honour the feelings of Black people: Listen to them, care about their feelings. THEY ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE ME AND YOU

- Don't talk to black people about your 'White Guilt': I am not white but I am raised in a western country so I really get this. If you think racism is bad telling black people about your guilt is meaningless as THEY NEED TO FIGHT THROUGH THEIR PERSECUTION NOT YOUR GUILT
- DO NOT compare RACISM to your own STRUGGLES: Whilst you may have been through a lot if you haven't been racially prejudiced do not pretend to know what its like. 
- Do NOT pretend or practice White Saviorism: You are NOT saving them from their situation. 
If anyone is black and reads this - I hope I haven't offended, or anyone in general. I hope this piece is ok but it doesn't even begin to justice to the issue.


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    You Dos and Don’ts are very helpful. Thank you so much for speaking the truth, even if some don’t wish to hear it. :)

    6 months ago
  • CrazyNinjaKid

    Omg yass girl!! This is so conveying just wow! Also love your message box!! That is so true :)

    6 months ago