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Message to Readers

Not crazy about the title - please suggest if you have any ideas! A poem that was actually quite hard to write but I hope you enjoy it regardless :) Please comment what you thought and how you interpret the story of it

Familiar but Unfamiliar Faces | #poemsonly

June 3, 2020


Just another day in the office,
Except mine was a windy rooftop,
Watching his every move
Incapable to stop.

I do not even know him, 
But its important to stay detached, 
For how could I do it,
If our paths had matched. 

Tools, rather than a computer,
A  rifle with telescopic lens.
There was no need for a silencer,
Or for a book and pens.

The noise downed in droning traffic, 
Fingers curling around the trigger,
Waiting for the moment to strike,
Waiting for that something bigger.

His big boots made a rhythmical noise,
As he paced up and down,
His face stern yet peaceful,
Without the slightest trace of a frown.

His muscular definition, 
Etched like out of stones,
Covering his entire back,
Illuminating his bones.

 Gun loaded and ready, 
Heart set to fire. 
One clean shot and its over,
No need to escalate it higher. 

The he looked at me.
The whole world seemed to stop, 
Lost in a familiar transcendent gaze
Even, my gun I did drop. 

His curls a midnight black, 
His eyes a shiny blue 
I had one mission - just one
                            And it seems I failed that too. 
Word Count: 194
For purple galaxy's contest which you can find the link to here.
Prompt: The Assassin's target.


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  • Cheshire Cat

    my contest isn't going too well and I need help to make a choice if I should cancel it and wait to make a new one after most of these other contests are over bc its too overwhelming and not many had seen it so I will do one after the 20th of June. keep an eye out and plz answer soon

    6 months ago
  • Cheshire Cat

    Prompt 2 is out

    6 months ago
  • Cheshire Cat

    Winners for week one are up
    I am looking for prompts for week two if you have any ideas plz tell me. I will post week two today or tomorrow and you may start entering on Monday the 8th.

    6 months ago
  • Cheshire Cat

    This fits very well I really love that you had to kill him but you couldn't. keep it up and I will let you know when the results are up and if you are a winner I will let you know when the next prompt is up. you may also give prompt ideas

    6 months ago