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The Path that leads to Nowhere

August 6, 2016

         Kennedy Williams also known, as Ken is a young adult living in Whitby, a small town in England with his parents and sister named Kelly. He belongs from the lower caste of the society. In his town, he teams up with two of his friends named Oliver and Jack. The three of them study in the town’s public university.
      In their class, is a girl of the higher status named Elizabeth (petname Ella) who Kennedy admires and dreams of. Ella’s Family is rich and her father is a kingpin in local politics. Ella is a headstrong girl, who won’t let anyone boss her around.

       Ella gets introduced to Ken on the first day of college. She is surpised aacknowledging that Ken was one the toppers of the town. That attracted her towards Ken. They started posting letters to each other, longing days on phone calls, meet ups each day, they were connected all the time.

        One Day, Ella invited Ken and his friends for her Brother’s Birthday, his name is Prince. They celebrate his 18th birthday grandly with the whole town invited. There was rocking music and typical diversity of enthusiastic  dance. Ken and Ella left the party to spend some time together.
            Ella’s Father learnt about this affair and sent his men to whip Ken for even looking at her. Ken and his father were throbbed badly, and punished to be involved in the town matters. Whereas Ella’s Family was arranging her wedding with someone else. They yearned to meet each other. They had no other option than running away from home, but running away wasn’t easy either. Gun shots, kicks, punches, running and what not. They were running through the  different buildings, heading towards the shore to ride a motorboat to travel away easier.
         They both reach Hull (south of Whitby) after few hours. They try lodging in different inns but they need the identity card, which was left back while running.
So they slept in the metro station, suddenly few men barge in and mentally discommode Ella. Ella wakes Ken up and he tries to scram them away but they ignore her. One lady comes and rescues Ken and Ella from then. They thank her and she takes them to her house in the lower standard areas .  She lets them rent her 2nd  room. She even gives Ken a job to work in her roadside stall whereas she introduces Ella to the manger of a factory and she gets a job there.
        In a few years, they begin a new life; with a new house  of their own as well as nurture their Two years old infant. He was sent with Ella’s friend. Prince and his relatives visit Elizabeth and gifts his nephew. Kennedy returns home shocked seeing them. He asks Ella why are they here. She replies “Everything is going to be normal “. *hugs each other*.  The child came back home, looks around finding his mom. He enters the kitchen and sees that both his parents are shot. 



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