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Changed the sentence structure slightly, hope it flows more now and hope you enjoy reading this! :)

Corridor love

August 15, 2016

Two smiles, two hearts flutter. They meet every week: same time, same two, same old. The transient happiness lasts a day, two days. It's never enough.

Then, he misses a week.

Weeks yawn into months as she wonders, worries, weighs the possibilities. Three months into the enigma, he stoops across, thinner, older, quieter. A blue lady supports his arm, professionally, kindly. 

She meets halfway, shyly, smiling. He smiles in return, barely, listlessly. 

"How have you been?" She reaches out gently. "I'm fine," he rasps, "but I've been better." She lets him hobble away.

Next week, two hearts flutter still.



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  • she’s-got-a-story

    Congratulations on getting featured on the blog! This piece is amazing. :D

    over 4 years ago