Cassidy Bryant

United States

Food is life.

The Blank Page

April 9, 2015



All she wanted was to be normal.

Is that so hard to ask?

All alone, nobody beside her.

The clock was ticking, the days decreasing, 

But yet nobody went to see her.

Then one day an old lady sought her;

with a book clutched in her hand. 

She handed the girl and book and walked away; never to be seen again.

The girl, yet again, all alone with nobody beside her; she read that book every day until she reached the very end.

A note lay upon an empty page, written just for her.  It read "Dictate your own ending" for then the girl realized.  

The old woman who had sought her was really not a woman. 

She was an angel, who had given her hope and light, when everything was dark.

Then she was gone, as the last drop of ink fell upon that once empty page.

She finally got to 'Dictate her own ending'


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