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Summer Days and Citrus Haze

June 2, 2020


If only all days were as heat-stroke inducing
as the one falling on our calendars today.

A popsicle sun drips down your nose,
lemonade semiquavers bouncing off guitar strings

whilst you strum tender citrus harmonies
in the afternoon’s watchful eye.

My tangerine heart, exposing ripened segments
under brazen peel, hardened skin splits and

opens up to spill a plethora of promises
and a palindrome of affection.

Dandelion clocks disintegrate in the breeze,
time evaporating like sweat off my spine.

Thoughts come as easily as they go
and drift into the horizon, easy and untamed.

As the sun dissolves into a puddle of warmth,
giving up centre stage to the moon at last,

We have no choice but to
collect our daisy chains and amble back home.

If only all days were as carefree
as the one we just laughed through today.
Inspired by the surprising heat here in the UK at the moment (at least where I live). Down let lockdown ruin your summer! The simplest things are the ones that spark the most happiness.

Edited because I originally typed this up on notes and the capitalisation was wrong. :)


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1 Comment
  • Stone of Jade

    The descriptions and imagery on this is so vivid! I liked before I even got past the forth line it was so good! this caught me breath and made me picture everything!

    about 1 year ago