from sydney and austin, but currently living in singapore.
finished a novel with three amazing human beings this year.
you built me palaces out of paragraphs

if sunny v. is the official older sister, i'm the cool aunt.

black lives matter

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"You can’t control what happens to you in this life. Each individual is living out their own story, and you’re living out yours. But you can’t control it and manipulate it, filtering out aspects of your life - of yourself - that aren’t cemented in your idea of the plan. The plan, the map for what your life should be. Because the only thing you can do - the one thing you can do - is learn. Learn from your mistakes and watch the horizon. There’s always something amazing up ahead. But you can’t live in your future, and you can’t drown in your past. All you can do is live wholeheartedly - without fear or regret for what’s to come and what has been - and love every damn minute of it… because you only get this once."

smoke in her eyes, embers in her hair

June 2, 2020



the tendrils of vapour
reaching out
clawing at her throat
lipstick stains on the champagne glass
and the paper cigarettes,
embers still lingering in the air around them
force on her lungs
she can taste the nicotine on her tongue
it's bitter
raspy though her speaking voice is
she puts spark to flame
and relights
tell me how the glass ashtray goes


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  • Anha

    i've written a review for this piece, i hope you get it soon :)

    6 months ago
  • Jason_claire:)

    Wow, this is really good, great job:)

    6 months ago