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The Devil Called ‘Hatred’

June 2, 2020

The Devil Called ‘Hatred’ 

Where are the police that keep us safe 
In a society we’re supposed to call ‘utopia’ 
        But such a sad life we call ‘dystopia’,
        To make sure people, white to black can say, 
                                                                           “This world makes me happy!” 
                 That they can walk down the street 
                  And not be hit by the devil you created,
                          The devil called ‘hatred’? 

                           Where are the police that don’t murder
                           The innocent souls of people that live 
                   In a world that they have a right to be safe 
                  With their brothers and sisters arm in arm, 
             With friends and strangers hand in hand, 
             But like a babe ripped away have to pay
     The price of your destruction created, 
     I hate to say, the devil called ‘hatred’? 

    Where are the police that pledge the law
    The laws passed down from gov to gov
           In golden thread, a diamond seal
           That weighs it up to human right, 
                A right that defeats all rights
                A right for you and I to thrive 
                      A right for peace to be created 
                      To destroy the devil called ‘hatred’? 

Yungblud’s spoken poem -
Tolu Fagbayi’s ‘I Cry Black’ -


Hello there, Ellen here. With the all conflict in our world going on with what happened to George Floyd, continuous racism and murder from the police, pridefall and the pandemic, I thought that on Blackout Tuesday, it was now my time to contribute to this injustice along with most other members of Write the World. Thank you, the people on Write the World for posting this prompt, inspiring us writers to speak out against injustice. 

As a white person, I will not understand black people, but I will stand with my black brothers and sisters to make sure they are safe and have their rights! We all live on this earth together as humans and each deserve a good quality of life no matter the colour of our skin or where we come from. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

If you have time, please take a look at the George Floyd petition -

However, I am a bisexual young woman and to see operations like ‘pridefall’ try and get us down is heart-breaking, but just remember we’re a much bigger army than those trolls will ever be and no one can shut us into silence anymore! SAY IT LOUD AND SAY IT PROUD! 

Inspiring and insightful video by Kristina Maione -


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  • sunny.v

    oh heck to the YES, ELLEN! “A right for peace to be created / To destroy the devil called ‘hatred’?” this was gorgeous and so, so eloquent and powerful. i would try my hand and writing about this but i am much too angry and hurt to sound as nearly as coherent as you do. amazing, amazing work. ps you and i can be wlw buddies together <3

    5 months ago