United States

June 28th

June 2, 2020


With the throw of one brick, the state of the countries social landscape would be permanently changed forever. On June 28th, 1969, the Stonewall Inn was raided by undercover police officers looking to arrest patron simply for being themselves.

In the current political climate, it is necessary for those around the world to remember those who fought for the right to be themselves. Too often people forget that without vocal demonstrations, many movements and issues are forgotten about. It takes action by those who are closest to the issue, and open minds and hearts of those who are willing to listen.

June 28th, a night of violence and defiance against authority over half a century ago, should forever be known as International Equality Day. Those who rioted at the Stonewall Inn so many years ago represent the very populations and groups that continue to fight for many rights and freedoms for the smallest and voiceless minorities in our civilization.

On International Equality Day, we would be reminded that oppression and suffering can sometimes be sanctioned by the same states that claim to fight for the rights of all, but truly represent the voices of the few. Movements all throughout the country and the world could bring attention to a large amount of issues, from world hunger, to political oppression, to the genocide that occurs in many first world nations, unacknowledged by many of those privileged enough not to know, or care.

On International Equality Day, everyone would look to those on the outskirts of society, and ask themselves "What can I do to help these people live a better life." On International Equality Day, instead of talking over those who need to talk louder to be heard, people would listen and follow those who need help. On International Equality Day, people are reminded that while we are one human race, we have our own individualized issues that need to be addressed just as they occur, individually.


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  • Ahsan Nizaam

    well Said! I am with you but for peace to prevail we need an International Equality Day everyday and I know it's just too much to ask for.

    6 months ago