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I don't really write much, and if is do it is often about death.

The Death of Planet Earth

October 14, 2020


the earth is dying.
The days are hotter than ever before. The nights are too long and too cold. I fear if the weather keeps this up, we will all be long gone. 
It’s their fault though, not ours. The tall creatures that claim they are good, the ones that say that everything is fine, the ones that are really are destroying the land as we know it. We have always respected the land, eaten only what we needed. They came along and pushed those boundaries. They made monsters, big colorful monsters that they parade around in, producing thick dark smoke. They made massive towering structures that use other animals, other living animals’ homes to make. They raise animals, only to be killed and eaten by them. And their farms of food which they spray in all kinds of poison, and when it rains, that very poison trickles down into streams, and carries death with it. These shelters of theirs, that required all sorts of metals that they needed to mine, and when they mine, oh what a mess they make, the inky unlighted goo, creeping towards the oceans as they carelessly continue on with their destruction. 
 Humans, that’s what they call themselves, and wherever they go they bring death with them. They create these fires that burn down our homes, the places where we once thought was safe to raise our children, the place where we call home. How would they like it if they had there water ripped from them, poisoned and polluted? How would they like it if their homes were torn down, bit by bit to build somebody else’s house, while all they could is get out as fast as they could before they face the same fate of their once beloved home? How would they like it if beasts and demons, ten times the size of them were patrolling everywhere they went, and if you crossed its path… death? How would they like it if they watched there loved ones, friends, family, siblings cousins, fall to their death, never to wake again?

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  • Halopoet

    This is what so many of us have been keeping in for so long. This was a wondrous piece and i love the way you aware us of the destruction of the planet.

    8 months ago