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June 2, 2020


Trigger Warning: violence, protest, the recent events going on

Today is June 1st. Out of the many things June 1st represents, most connect it with the beginning of pride month, myself included. Pride month is supposed to be full of fun, love and support. But how are we supposed to have that when there is a bigger issue on hand? We started the month with protests and riots across the US in support of Black Lives Matter. And they do. My question is just why this is happening in 2020? We are supposed to be the land of the free, but being the land of the free does not mean police can kill innocent black people. 

I see people on Facebook reblogging stuff about how people are only sharing the clips of police brutality and abusing their status. You wanna know why? Because at the moment that is what matters. We know some cops aren't behind this, but most are. Similarly, many people are only sharing clips of the violent protest, the riots, the loots, but there are so many peaceful protests going on as well. Why aren't they getting coverage? Because they want to paint the people who recognize the fact that we need change as bad people.

I might get some hate on this, and honestly I don't care. I personally do not agree with setting buildings on fire and looting stores, but you know what. I get it. I understand that is how they get noticed. Peaceful protests? Haven't heard about them. Riots on the other hand? Something I hear about on every social media site. Riots is how change happens. Looping back to the beginning of this, we have the chance for this month of pride because of a riot at Stonewall. And we have thanks to give to Marsha P. Johnson, a black trans woman, and Sylvia Rivera, a puerto rican trans bi woman.

By this time next year I would like to be writing about a different story. About how pride month affects me and other positive lgbtq+ things. I wished I could have wrote about that this year. But right now, we need to fix this problem. It's no longer a request, it's a demand. Black lives matter. 


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