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est. march 5, 2020

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I have never written in this format, but decided to try because why not? I figure that since these aren't super serious pieces, I'm trying to really break out of my comfort zone and see what I can do!


June 2, 2020


my heart's in my throat dancing, screaming, reminding me of its presence/ ocean waves inside me/ a drumbeat to the song of life / w a x i n g  w a n i n g  w a x i n g  w a n i n g / moon seasons and hollow nights all in one beat/ can they hear it or is it all in my head/ l u b  d u b  l u b  d u b / quell my racing heart/ return me to my place of birth/ the rubatosis in my chest sings me to sleep as stars make their presence known/ when has my heart taken over the melody of my brain/ it used to keep time while i sung quietly under my breath/ cells tingle with anticipation as the solo fades into harmony/ sing sing sing i tell my brain/ relax relax relax and breathe/ sunflowers taken out at the knee joints join me and weep as my heartbeat cries softly


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  • sunny.v

    replying: it’s no problem! don’t worry, i’m not mad or offended. i’m upset at the post itself. thanks for reading through it though! haha yeah my paper cut analogy. don’t worry! *pats your head gently*

    9 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    GOSH! This is beautiful<3

    9 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    you're on a serious roll today <3. i feel like in this format, you feel more inclined to add extra thoughts and abstract moments?? eh, could just be me but you totally rocked this! the way you compare heartbeats to moon seasons??? i feel like this is the sort of lullaby you listen to where you just revel in the uncomfortable comfort it gives you. oh this whole piece is... i can't??? this format, i can't say enough how much you absolutely thrived in it, it definitely would not have been the same way without it. it's like one steady line of strange beauty and this is a piece you HAVE to reread not because it was hard to read at first but because you can't appreciate it by only reading it once.
    can't quote one line because then i'd feel bad about excluding the other. love love LOVE this. <3333333

    9 months ago