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published in wtw review issue 2.2
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yes i did actually fall off my bike today, it’s been four years since i’ve biked and i’m proud to say i only ran into (4) things

alabama summer

June 1, 2020



it’s a blissful
88-degree day,
almost too hot but not quite,
the air still if you are,
thick as you move through it,
a humid fluid, making my skin
sticky as i bike down the street. 

it’s not hard to imagine that this
is all there is:  late-20th century housing kept up on some streets
but not the others,
cracks in the concrete, pine trees waiting
for the next storm. 
it goes on street after street,
road after road,
subtle differences lost in the haze. 

the grass is dry despite yesterday’s rain,
dust kicks up as dogs play-fight in backyards,
when i hit a black trash bag
filled with weeds
in the middle of the sidewalk
with my back wheel,
i sprawl in someone else’s lawn,
grass pricking through my jeans. 

after i pick myself up and keep going,
I’m struck by the alabama summer—
still, serene on the surface,
but boiling just underneath. 

i’ll admit
i prefer the rain. 
sometimes your writing isn’t your best but you gotta push through it anyway. also, sometimes going outside and out of your house if you’re able can spark some new ideas


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  • mia_:)

    Love it! I also agree with your footnotes, which is what I'm trying to do now! Writer's block sucks, but it goes away! Now, about the piece! Gosh! Your sensory details were stunning! I especially loved the part about the grass pricking through your jeans. I felt as if I was right there! Amazing job!

    6 months ago