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Happy Pride Month!!

June 3, 2020


    It's June! Nobody asked- but celebrations are fun so I've compiled a list of all my LGBT+ characters! 
  1. Hope, a semi-immortal alien with a rickety spaceship who's been outlawed from her home planet, going on a permanent "road trip" of the galaxy, steadily making friends and enemies who will help her fight the dawning war. (Ace)
  2. Valentine and Oswin, a pair of sisters who run away from home stumble into a celestial war, finding the mystery of their parents and prevent the coming apocalypse. (The older sister is trans, the younger is gay)
  3. Veil, the shadow entity that is the parent of those sisters that rules a dark dimension (it's not evil, just really dark) that separates the afterlife from the material dimensions and houses the Grim Reaper and all the other, lesser reapers. (Agender and the grim reaper is demi)
  4. Echo, a dinosaur in a "Jurassic Park" style research lab, but got one of those computers that she uses to talk and acts as a diplomat between the scientists and the dinosaurs (Ace)
  5. Jamie IV, a failed clone of the greatest spy ever to walk the earth, now attempting and failing to live a normal life under government surveillance in a small beach town. (Pan)
  6. Indigo, the newest human form of an indescribable entity that can't read and tries to save the universe (Like what?? Not straight that's for sure. Is there one that's all genders at the same time?? Having all forms of attraction yet not having them?? To be and not be in the same moment??)
  7. Charlie, a side character in Indigo's story, an alien who can feel other people's emotions and shoot fire ot of her hands (Lesbian)
  8. Elusond, a lava elf general who was arrested for being gay and honestly had a really rough time as pretty much everything went wrong for her. (Lesbian)
  9. Jazz/Toto/25 a many named alien, recently rescued from a galactic empire by agents of a failing rebellion. She has patchy brainwashing, multiple personalities, and the ability to talk with the consciousness of the universe. (Different personalities have different genders and sexualities, but the main one is a lesbian)
  10. Unnamed FBI woman and potential terrorist/spy who fell in love in "Just Off Route 187." (Lesbians)
  11. Unnamed woman (though I always called her Sydney) and Anna, the two Swedish ladies that raised goats on the mountainside and adopted a little girl. (Lesbians)
  12. Dalphine, a witch and medium with a pet pig and a clingy ex boyfriend. (Lesbian)
  13. Lin Sharp, a ghost from the 1950's who didn't know the ghost haunting her house was her. She was murdered by her father for being gay. (Lesbian)
  14. Ellen, Daisy, and Ace, three amateur ghost hunters with a you-tube channel who videoed Lin's correspondence. (All of them are gay)
  15. Crete Eakin and Stella, two huntress girlfriends who stopped a cult in a mostly bookless future world. (Lesbians)
  16. Hadar, a prophetic, psychic, three-eyed deer centaur woman in a strange woodland conspiracy town who is depressed because all her family lives in Canada and she doesn't know how to get there despite never asking any humans in town. (Lesbian)
  17. Montgomery, a French writer who accidentally becomes the pawn of a local super-villain, given the power to rewrite their own story. They worry about the local teenage superheros for being too young and expands the world lore to include a creation theory that centers around a frog. (NB)
  18. Same story as before, but after Montgomery's power is taken away, the only one that can save them is Backflip Sal, the 87 year nun of the frog deity. (Lesbian)
  19. And of course, Dr. Jajka Stone, an semi-immortal wizard who has given up adventuring after the devastating death of her wife. (Currently lesbian, gender fluid, but she only changes every four hundred years or so)

    All right, that's it. I would tell you to be yourselves, but idk what that even means so: be reasonably afraid in dangerous situations and redefine yourself by how you have grown as often as possible- and happy pride month!


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Replying: Thanks for the vote of confidence. That poem was basically a proclamation of trusting God through this, even if it doesn't end. I really appreciate your support. <3

    6 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    i love these back stories, like 87 year old gay nun of the frog deity? how do you come up with this stuff?!
    Replying: No, i'm totally fine with cursing, and can i just say i love the quote you picked out?
    Happy Pride!

    6 months ago