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I'm not really editing this collection, so please let me know what you think! This is a first draft and none of this is polished. I'm trying to experiment with new styles, so let me know what you think! :) <3

m o n a c ho p s i s

June 6, 2020


it's like an itch you can't quite place. something feels off, but what?

is there     t o o   m u c h     or     t o o  l i t t l e     or am you just 
                                                                                                    out of place?

hands feel like rocks. what should you do with them? wring them, interlace them, clasp them behind your back?

wHy DoEs It AlL fEeL oFf? LiKe SoMeThInG iS wRoNg,     bUt is it?

        you try to fix the subtlety,     h a i r between f i n g e r s or o f f  y o u r neck?

will you ever belong? you feel like an ignorant polar bear at a barbeque, outside your natural habitat,
            but not quite conscious of it. ash can be mistaken for snowflakes. it's happened before.

f l o a t i n g     f l o a t i n g         d r o w n i n g 

                                                                                why are you sinking?

    e q u i l i b r i um     e q u i l i b r i um        m o n a ch o p s i s


monachopsis - to feel subtly but persistently out of place in a certain situation

The typo in the title is intentional (I skipped the space between the h and the o) because it's slightly out of place and I wanted to illustrate monachopsis


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  • chrysanthemums&ink

    gotta come back to one of my favorite pieces ;)
    q&a answers are out!

    6 months ago
  • The Campbell's Kid

    Replying: Awe thanks mia <3 I love how supportive you are to everyone in the WTW community!

    6 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    you totally nail this style! like, wow. this is just. like how do i say this... the dIsToRtEdnEsS of this piece is just gold! i love the vibe and goshhhhh YOU'RE TOO GOOD.
    "hands feel like rocks. what should you do with them? wring them, interlace them, clasp them behind your back?" with the rocks and the imagery of normally 'flexible' and 'delicate' fingers, and it feels a tad bit eccentric but a LOT out of place and the subtle discomfort is absolutely AMAZING.
    "h a i r between f i n g e r s or o f f y o u r neck" wHAT. the vibe in this is absolutely INSANE HOW??? the strange way this is portrayed????? the 'monochopsis' in this sentence?????? you're brilliant?????????
    and the TITLE WHAT?! monochopsis is just so well woven into every thread of this piece and it's aghhhh GENIUS. you're too good TT. YOU'RE TOO GOOD TT.
    *forgive my overreactions. this is my favorite kind of piece, the subtle but persisting discomfort is seriously my absolutely favorite to both write and read. this is one of my favorite pieces i've ever read on this site, seriously.
    *me wondering why the word 'monachopsis' is so familiar... but then i realized it's in my profile as a source from my quote!

    6 months ago