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That One Cup I Broke in 2nd Grade

June 1, 2020


I hated good-will
(and I don’t mean well wishes,
But at that age I hated everything,
So maybe that too)
Everything was tattered and tarp covered.
Lo-fi wasn’t a thing yet,
Cottage-core either
So I just didn’t see the appeal.
Now I don’t know when
The Princess and the frog
Hit theatres.
But I hit the ceiling in excitement when I saw it.
I envied that shadow-man and all his friends,
Thought I wanted to play ukulele like Naveen,
And clutch my tinny pennies tightly
So when I saw it on the shelf,
Just high enough for me to see at 4’3
The green dress and smiling porcelain eyes
I just Knew that mug was mine
So I crossed the store to my dad
(Walking backwards so no one could take it)
And I pleaded and begged and to his good graces
He payed the two dollars to let me take it home
I asked for extra paper when they wrapped it
Because my hands were shaking extra hard,
My mother held it on our way to the car
And as we drove home I dreamed of a life
With it as my prized possession.
I insisted on carrying it through the door,
My heart going hard
The walkway like a red carpet into everything happy
And of course I dropped it.
Thanks to crow_e for beta reading this poem for me! I thought it would be nice to take this moment which was heartbreaking for me as a child and write about how funny it is to me now. I hope you enjoy!


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