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ꕤ Challenge Completed ~ Writing Streak Challenge ~ Week 10: Slow-seeing ꕤ

June 5, 2020

DAY 5 - Lonely Mountain 

They will paint you with you indigo and purple, dabbing hints of white atop your zenith peak.

They will hang you in a gallery, framed with gold leaf, for people to look at you and believe you are the most perfect thing nature has made. 

They will never be part of that picture, no matter how hard they try.  

They will never understand standing at the bottom of your great form that imposes over any living thing, fooled by the illusion of being crushed by the closest thing to God. 

They will never have to wear the snow you sometimes dress me in, when you say it looks better on me than you. 

They will never have to be chased by the great boulders that you throw down at me to get me to leave. 

They will never be you, the highest in the clouds breathing a different level of oxygen, impaling the stars of space. 

They will never be that lonely. 


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  • elliem

    Reply: GAH thanks so much as always Ellen! Your comments always put a smile on my face. Thanks as well for entering my piece into the Writers of The World piece. I really appreciate it! You are so sweet and I truly hope your day is amazing! <3

    6 months ago
  • Eblinn

    "They will never have to wear the snow you sometimes dress me in" I like that sentence :)

    6 months ago