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capriccio/psa in footnotes

June 2, 2020



lacking sleep
and dalí from page 536 of the art history textbook sits at the foot of my inflatable mattress,
speaking through his eyes.
“you are a very lucky person”
his eyes speak volumes.
and he's been pulling at a loose thread in my knitted blanket for a while now, or so it seems as his voice echoes down to me from atop an ambitious everest of yarn.
“that was my grandma’s blanket”
“nothing material contains true sentiment”

dalí from page 536 of the art history textbook buys me dippin dots from the corner gas station/
why are we at the corner gas station/
why is he 2d/
he’s a dead artist melting from the ceiling/
a surreal paganini drifting towards the exit signs.
notes of violin play into my dippin dots.

dalí from page 536 of the art history textbook sits cross-legged on the curb.
“join their fight”
his eyes drip the sands of time.
“i have”
i set my uneaten dippin dots down on the red-painted sidewalk.
“i’ve been fighting every day”
“and yet at this moment you stand here with me”
the intersection is filled with flames.
“i’m ashamed”
“it is natural”

dalí from the expensive art history textbook given to me by the public school that i safely drive to each day in a car that my family owns 
dissipates into the asphalt.
i am alone.
the intersection is filled with flames.
i think i should bring this to wtw as well. so for those of you who are unaware of what’s happening right now, go read the contrarian’s amazing piece addressing what happened recently with George Floyd: (trigger warning for discussions of violence and police brutality towards people of color) this, combined with other recent cases and horrid events have sparked an increase in marching, protesting, and rioting for justice and equality.
being half white, i have privilege where others do not. i live with no fear of being falsely arrested or killed at any time. i live with none of my problems being caused by the color of my skin. i live with privilege, simply because of my race. it is my job to not ignore the glaringly obvious problems in our judicial systems and in our country. it is my job to use the privilege i have to support those without it. it is my job to add my voice to the millions of voices that have been shouting for decades. now is not the time to be silent.
everyone. please feel free to use your platforms and your influence; no matter how big or small; through instagram, twitter, even emails and texts, to speak out and inform people about the injustices and problems in our law and in our populous. donate if you can(links below) and sign petitions if you can’t(more links below). it all helps. follow current news, read up on history, and listen to what people have to say. get informed before you get involved, so you can help support the black community in the best way that you can. try not to be quick to action without first knowing and understanding the reasons behind these protests and the unrest in America. the best thing we can do is to stay collected, gather facts, and use that knowledge to continue the fight.
in terms of involvement with protests, i’m honestly just going to parrot everything that the contrarian said; i know that there are some younger people reading this, so i’m definitely not going to tell you guys to go to protests. there are a ton of things that you can do to help without going out and protesting. for me, i’m fifteen, and i live a couple of hours away from L.A., so things are a little bit tense around here, but i’ve gone to three peaceful protests/marches in my city in the past week, and nothing violent has happened so far. however, for those of you who are closer to an area with violent protesting, do please keep yourself and your family safe. that’s one of the most important things to think about during this time of pandemics and violence.
and with that in mind, make sure to be careful, be brave, and be safe, my darlings.

do a quick copy-paste google search for: how to support black lives matter movement
you should find plenty of articles and websites with tons of helpful links on them.
also support the northstar health collective; they provide medical assistance and healthcare for protestors.
support campaign zero; they are a police reform campaign finding policy solutions to end police brutality.

sign this petition on for justice for George Floyd: 
sign this petition hosted by color of change demanding that the officers involved in George Floyd’s death be brought to justice: 
petition the white house for justice for George Floyd here: 

here is an amazing site that talks about allyship. give it a thorough read:

this is not some temporary trend. continue the push for a nation in which every life is protected with equal importance. 
u guys r beautiful and unique and i truly love and appreciate all y’all <3 


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  • asta

    i love this so much, probably one of my favourite pieces till date!
    (and thank you for the links <3)

    5 months ago
  • sunny.v

    i wrote about you in my appreciation post!:

    6 months ago
  • delete

    You are an absolute star. Thank you for speaking out and in such a creative and emotive way too. I love the repetition of the textbook, showing the privilege of the speaker compared to what’s happening with others in the world. Also, your resources are so helpful and thank you for linking all these petitions because I’ve been struggling to find more than the one. You’re a really amazing person!

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    replying: oh my. speech-worthy...thank you so much. really, i should commend you also! i honestly wasn’t nearly calm and collected as i could have been so i have people like you to thank for spreading resources and links while i’m off barking in the corner. you stay strong as well, love <3
    (ps im literally in Love (capital L) with your writing style)

    6 months ago
  • the contrarian

    Reply: I just have lots of time to spare towards writing pieces, so I've been cranking them out as much as I can. Also, of course you can link my resource piece in your bio! The more it gets around, the better! Thanks for your support, and thank you for compiling all these different resources as well! <3

    6 months ago
  • joella

    thank you for raising awareness.

    6 months ago