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This poem is inspired by the increased racial tension in the U.S (the George Floyd protests). There have been numerous protests where it began peacefully but resulted in violence, fires, and looting. This written piece reflects this and the idea to stop fighting violence with violence. It's a neverending circle that is not going to bring change but instead fight hate with peace and love (like Martin Luther King Jr taught everyone). Additionally, I would love feedback on this poem on what to change or fix. Have a nice day :)

What The King Knew

June 1, 2020


It's been raining for days now
Could see the storm in one's eyes.
Water falling down the cheeks 
Because it's too late to say goodbye.

Warriors flood the once deserted parks,
Homemade signs are waved around, 
But now the chants are altered into barks,
And violence has come to town.

The wheels are turning
As the fire keeps burning
With glass shattered everywhere.

The economy is crashing
As people keep lashing out
With weapons thrown in the air.

The cameras are shaking 
As people keep taking
With greediness and no care.

The streets are filled with 
dark-colored clothes and neon green suits.
Two different sides of the opposition
But all want justice for the truth.

This is the wrong way to do it though,
Like a dove transformed into a vulture.
Think of what the king taught you to know,
Take the peaceful route and go.


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