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I'm an Indian-born Girl
I'm Bi
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Tell me your thoughts on this more detailed version on my idea :)

IDEA (more detailed) // #pride-marathon

June 2, 2020


So, I have a plan for a pride month type marathon, and some of you may have seen it already. I wanted to elaborate a little more on the idea.

Disclaimer: This is just a way to get the community together and is not a competition, no prizes, etc will be given out except for a collaborative piece to mention all the participants and their pieces.

If you participate:

- Please tag your piece #pride-marathon

-  Every week during Pride Month, a theme will be given out by me and the themes will be focused around a certain sexuality/gender identity each week (there may be more than one). A prompt to go with the theme will also be given out. The prompts are totally optional to use, but you need to use the theme (gender identity/sexuality) somewhere in your piece.

- You are welcome to write anything related to the prompt/theme given out. May it be a screenplay, poetry, or a short story, anything! just make sure to follow the theme. 

- In the end, I will create a collaborative piece and link all of the participants' pieces, to welcome everyone for participating.

- Every week, once the prompt is given out, you need to link your piece in the comments of that prompt. Since there are only 4 weeks, there will only be 4 themes/prompts and you are welcome to write more than one piece for each prompt.

- You are welcome to not do a prompt if it is confusing to you.


Example of a weekly Theme:

WEEK 1 #pride-marathon 

THEME - sexuality/gender identity(s): 
- Lesbian female 
- Non-Binary

Prompt: the lead (non-binary or lesbian female) is in an old restaurant, looking desperately for something.

I'm not entirely sure on this, so It won't begin until the 3rd of June. <I still need to think about the prompts and themes>


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  • WinterBerry

    The theme for Week 1 is here!:

    6 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    Ooh, sounds dope! I'd love to participate in this!

    6 months ago