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Born in Alabama moved to Yonkers and now India

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Amen for an Empty Grave

June 3, 2020


Transparent flowers for an invisible grave,
Stem sap sticky on your fingertips,

The sunlight kisses your freckled skin,
Comforting you more than any person ever could,

And the world was almost perfect,
Until it wasn't.

Your legs buckle,
Your kneecaps scraping the weightless stone,
And you ponder

Wonder what you're grieving for...
Did it Matter?
You ask yourself 

But it did.
Honey it did.

Perhaps the people blind to your tombstone and tears
Will scoff
But Honey it matters more than you think.

Grief was like fashion;
Too personal for others to comments, 
Yet others still had an opinion on it. 

But Honey, 
Don't listen them,
Whatever's inside is yours

It may sink in the Earth and rot in the past,
But it'll forever be yours

So grieve,
Grieve until you're satisfied,
A human action so many perceive as the luxury
for the idle, for the demented, for the lazy,  for the overly-sensitive, 

But it isn't, 
It isn't. 


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