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Call me a monster, I put milk in before the cereal.
I'm probably eating ramen right now or having a mental breakdown.
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I had troubles getting the message across. I wasn't full concentration mode while writing this. Also the title is the piece I was playing.

Unravel by tk from ling tosite sigure

May 31, 2020


My fingers dig deeply into the keys 
My arms tense up 
I raise my foot with my ankle still on the ground
and I slam back down on the pedal 

Now my fingers lightly tap the keys
Short, staccato, controlled
My arms tense up even more 
I switch the pedal more often 
My fingers move faster
They dig harder into the keys 
I slam my foot on the pedal constantly 
and I STOP.

My arms are more relaxed
I switch the pedal at a normal pace
My fingers lightly glide across the keys
I decide to end here 

Perhaps I am taking out my anger
On my poor 81 keys
Doing so doesn't diminish the anger
I don't feel better after bullying my keys

Doing so doesn't make things better either
People are still going to comment
About my larger appearance 
So why do we bully others? 

After all, 
The only things I can do is 
Diet, and

I apologize
To my 81 keys. 
Thanks for making noises,
and bearing with my emotional roller coasters. 



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