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• I’m 16
• She/her
• I’m gay
• aspiring novelist and journalist
• I’m a Ravenclaw
• I love musicals
• I’m a romantic
•I love comic books.

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Happy pride month!!
Also I’m hosting a competition for pride month so go check it out.
It’s under the title, Competition!!/pride month.
Black lives matter.

Competition!!/ Pride month.

May 31, 2020


 Hi All,
so tomorrow is the start of pride month, and sadly due to covid-19 most pride parades are going to be cancelled (at least I believe this is the case in the uk don’t know for sure about other countries) anyway as a proud Member of the LGBTQ+ community, pride means an awful lot to me and I am feeling a little down at the possibility of not getting to properly celebrate pride this year and that is when I started thinking   of ways that I could virtually celebrate Pride and in short I decided to host a competition, as a way of connecting and hearing from LGBTQ+ writers and Allies on wtw. I came up with a few Different prompt ideas so here they are:

Prompt 1: Music, has always been something that has given me comfort and joy, it’s such an important part of life that carries such expression and different stories and often means something different to every listener and so this is where my prompt idea comes in, can you tell me about a song that really resonates with you, maybe the lyrics mirror your journey as a member or ally of the community? Or maybe the song just simply made you feel understood and welcomed? Or maybe not alone? When doing this prompt can you possibly take specific lyrics and explain why they have significance to you? 

and as an added side note to this, here are some Great songs about the LGBTQ+ community, some of them have a lot of personal meaning to me. if you want to you should check them out. 

1. Take me to church by Hozier
2. Same love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. 
3. The Village by Wrabel. 

Prompt 2: This next prompt is to write a poem about issues our community face. This can be about personal experiences you’ve faced or something you’ve heard about or witnessed. but I guess take this prompt as a chance to rant and get anything that’s bothering you off your chest because you know what sometimes you just need to rant. Also if you want more of an idea of what I mean for this prompt you can check out my piece we’re here, yeah we’re Queer. (But only if you want to.)

Prompt 3: Write a short story about an important moment in an LGBTQ+ person’s life. Maybe they’re coming out? Maybe they’re starting to go through the process of transitioning? It Could be something simple but it might mean a lot to them, like they could be going on there first date since coming out? Anything that you think has meaning. 

Prompt 4: This is my last and favourite prompt, it’s pretty simple but so important and I would love to hear from you all. The prompt is what does pride mean to you? For this prompt answer this question. it can be in any writing medium you want poetry, essay, etc. 

The Rules for entry:
•like this piece just so I know roughly how maybe people are entering. 
•Once you’ve written your piece comment below with a link to your piece and put which prompt you did, also please tag your piece with #proud.
•word limit, I want to keep the word limit pretty open but I will say between 50-1000 words. (This is the same for each prompt) 
• You can also enter as many of the prompts as you want but please only enter one piece for each. 
•Also please tag your piece with

Entry and closing date: 
You can enter from tomorrow June 1st, the closing date is June 20th. 

Prizes: I will be awarding a first, second and third place for each prompt. 

First place- A follow, 4 reviews of your choice, and 10 likes of my choice. 

Second place- 2 reviews of your choice and 5 likes of my choice. 

Third place- 1 review of your choice and 5 likes of my choice.

Everyone who enters will get a review on their entry I will try and do the reviews pretty early on so I don’t end up with too many to do at once but if you don’t get a review straight away don’t worry I will do it eventually. 

okay final notes, as much as this is a competition I really want this to be about bringing together the LGBTQ+ member and Allie writers on write the world, so please support your fellow writers, if you enter this competition consider reading someone else’s entry piece and maybe give them a review or a nice comment, share the support and love! And hope you are all staying safe and well at the moment. Happy Pride Month! (From tomorrow) 
I was kinda tired when I wrote this so I may have made a few grammatical errors so please ignore those. 


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  • Sadiez

    Crow_e, me too, it’s a brilliant song.

    8 months ago
  • crow_e

    omg The Village makes me SOB every time I hear it

    8 months ago