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my bold move to try and define love in general, between friends, family and lovers :p
comment are appreciated

Love is... | #champion

June 3, 2020



TARA is a witty girl. She is fairly pretty, with unruly short, white hair and bright amber eyes.

TERRENCE is TARA's brother, but maintains his short black hair well. He shares the same amber eyes as his sister.

CARLTON is a friend of ANDREW and TARA. They are closely knit classmates. He usually has a bright ecstatic grin that is emphasised by his cobalt blue eyes and curly brown hair.

ANDREW is a plain boy who dresses in shades of grey. But it brings out the kaleidoscope of colours in his beautiful eyes.

In this act, they are children. TARA, CARLTON and ANDREW are about twelve. TERRENCE is about a year older.
It is late afternoon, after school.
TARA and ANDREW are in a room large enough to fit a table, some chairs, a stack of books and CD cases. They seem relaxed as they sit on the chairs, both reading one of the books and CDs.

TARA looks up from her book.

TARA [with much nonchalance]
What's today's homework?

An essay and some math worksheet.

Which worksheet? The one with the graphs?

ANDREW [hesitates with a frown]
...I guess so...

Then, a pair of footsteps could be heard. A spotlight is on CARLTON as he runs through the audience, carrying a bundle of rolled-up poster's and huge bags. He fumbles along the way but doesn't drop anything.

He enters the stage through the door near the right wing.

CARLTON [dumps everything on the floor]
They didn't have A3 sized posters left so I went for an A2.

TARA crawls out of her chair to unroll a poster.

That's huge.

How much were they?

Ms Belle was clearing her stock so they're half the price of A3s.


CARLTON [looks elated]
Anything happened when I was gone?

TARA and ANDREW exchange blank looks.

Nothing much. We just found a couple of themes.

Simultaneously, as TARA has her head turned, ANDREW makes a cutthroat gesture to CARLTON.

Oh. That's cool...care to explain?

Well, there's poverty, gender discrimination... [turns to look at ANDREW] What else was there?

Uh...there was one about...patience, I think.

CARLTON [looks pointedly at ANDREW]
Did you guys find the one about wasting opportunities?

TARA [oblivious of the exchange]
Not really. I'll just ask my brother.

ANDREW [nervous]
He's coming?

Nope. He's hanging out with his rich classmates in private school. Why?

Nothing...Just...I thought he'll come.

Even if he does, he would expect us to do it ourselves.

Yeah, I guess so... Hey, Carl, what's the math homework?

CARLTON [plops on the floor beside TARA]
Dude, how would I know? And don't change the subject.

ANDREW [uneasy]
...what subject?

TARA [narrows her eyes]
The one where you were expecting my brother? Something's up with you.

Nothing's up with me.

Something's up and I know. So spill.

Yeah. Spill.

ANDREW shoots CARLTON a look of betrayal and CARLTON grins back.

TARA leans in to listen.

ANDREW [deliberately and slowly]
Well, it's not that simple...It's quite complex...as in difficult to accept...I hope nothing will change when I tell you...

There is an awkward silence among them.


Do you know?

CARLTON [shrugs]
Sorry, Tara. But it's not something for me to say.

TARA begins to speak but was interrupted. There is a knock on the door and TERRENCE enters.

TERRENCE is dressed in his private school uniform that is spotless and well maintained.

TARA [surprised]
Terrence? I thought you were meeting Phil.

TERRENCE [eagerly]
So, how'd it go? I told you she likes you back!

TARA's eyes widen.
ANDREW's face flushes deep red.
CARLTON's jaw drops as he looks to TARA for her reaction.
TERRENCE realises his mistake and his face falls.


There is another moment of silence.

TARA is the first to recover. Her face is lit with a small smile as she turns to ANDREW.

Is it true?

ANDREW nods meekly.

TARA [smiles brighter]
Well, my brother's not wrong too.

ANDREW grins back.

The lights dim as and the two of them embrace each other, while TERRENCE and CARLTON exchange a high five.

The lights come on again for the new scene. A quite a few years have passed but the setting still remains. This time, all four of them are present and engaged in a game of charades.

TARA and ANDREW are sitting comfortably close to each other at the same table.
CARLTON is facing stage left as he frantically attempts to act something out. Facing the audience, next to CARLTON is a chalkboard with scores and the header "LOSERS PAY 4 DINNER TONITE".
TERRENCE genuinely makes vain attempts at guessing, on the verge of giving up.

TARA [raising the hourglass, enthusiastically]
Time's up guys!

CARLTON [exasperated]
Dude, it's a dolphin. What other animal has fins on top?

TERRENCE [sarcastically]
Oh, I don't know...Maybe a shark?

CARLTON returns to his seat in defeat.

Tara, you're up.

TARA rises and hands him the hourglass. With confidence, she picks a slip of paper and reads it before putting it back.

Tara, your time starts...now.

CARLTON flips the hourglass unnecessary vigor.

TARA tiptoes and sashays downstage.


TARA shakes her head.

Uh...fashion show. [On his feet.] Mrs Wilson, the retired art teacher.

TARA jumps up and down, nodding.

CARLTON throws his hands in the air.

Seriously, how do you even guess that? No one could've prepared for it.

The two of them reply CARLTON, in a coordinated and alternating fashion.

ANDREW [smirking]
Maybe we've been preparing for it...

...longer than you think. We knew...

...you guys would play this game. It was...

TARA [sitting down between CARLTON and ANDREW]
...just a matter of ending up...

...on the same team.

TERRENCE and CARLTON look at each other incredulously.

TERRENCE [at his last wits end]
I give up. Dinner's on us.

He stands up, leaves the room and subsequently, the stage.

CARLTON is momentarily stunned. He looks back and forth between the two and the door before deciding to pursue TERRENCE.

CARLTON [yelling as he runs offstage]
Terrence, come back! We still have three more rounds!

As his voice fades, TARA and ANDREW are left on stage, still sitting next to each other.

For a while, the two don't say a thing. They merely smile at each other, overwhelmed with joy from their victory.

A spotlight is focussed on them and the stage is quiet.

TARA [softly]
Told you the plan would work.

ANDREW [in a similar tone]
You sure did.

With nothing else to go on, they fall back into silence. Their joy branching into something deeper.

But TERRENCE interrupts them from backstage.

Oi! You two better come out now or you're paying for dinner!

We should get going.

TARA [standing up]
Yeah. What do you think they'll try next?

ANDREW reaches the door first to hold it open for TARA.

I'm guessing...Monopoly?


The lights dim as the two of them make their way offstage.

The stage lights brighten. ANDREW and TARA are sitting uneasily at the table. TERRENCE is furiously pacing downstage, in front of them, from stage left to right then back. CARLTON is not present in the room.

TERRENCE stops and turns to face them.

TERRENCE [sternly]
How bad did they hurt him?

TARA [spiteful]

This doesn't excuse either of your behaviors today. Both of you know better than to start beating up a couple of schoolmates.

TARA [raising her voice]
It does when Carlton is victim.

Well, tell that to Aunt Jes later.

TARA falls silent.

Terrence, we're sorry. I think we know we shouldn't have done that but watching Carlton get bullied?... [He sighs] We just couldn't stand it.

TERRENCE [coldly]
Couldn't stand it? Any more excuses you got for us?

TARA [aggressively]
Lay off him Terrence.

How about no?...Want to know something?


ANDREW [shifting uncomfortably]
Maybe...not now? We're all just worried about Carlton...There's no need to get worked up and everything...

Young man, you had two months and you blew it.

TARA realises something is going on. She struggles to hide her shock with a frown.

ANDREW turns to TARA pleadingly, but she ignores him.

Tell me.

TERRENCE shoots ANDREW a look of disdain before beginning.

But just before he begins, CARLTON stumbles in.


All of them rush towards CARLTON who appears injured, with a limp or a bandaged arm. They help him to the table.

CARLTON [managing a smile]
I'm fine, guys...really, I am...Just go back to what you were doing.

TERRENCE [no longer worked up]
Andrew, seriously. It's now or never.

CARLTON [turns to TARA]
Uh...what'd I miss?

TARA shrugs, clueless.

TERRENCE [running his fingers though his hair]
Andrew, were you planning to keep this from all of us?

ANDREW [struggling to speak]
No...I just wanted to tell you when I was ready...

TARA [hurt]
Then how does Terrence know?

He wasn't supposed to. He just walked by when I found out...Look guys, I'm sorry. I know you won't take I very well...I was trying-

CARLTON [as hurt as TARA]
Andrew, cut the crap.

The Order. They want me.

All of them fall silent.

TERRENCE is shaking his head and smiling.
TARA's face grows blank.
CARLTON's jaw drops.
ANDREW squirms in his seat, unsure of what to make of the silence.

Y'know...the Order?...The elite military academy offering scholarships and-

TARA [bitter]
Andrew, we know. [Sighs, then puts on a smile] Besides, you shouldn't be afraid of telling us.

Yeah dude. It's good news.

CARLTON pulls ANDREW into a fierce hug, despite his injury.

I'm sorry, I should've mentioned.

TARA [joining the hug]
That's okay.

Next time, tell us before deciding we won't take it well.

TERRENCE walks behind the three to hug them.

The lights dim and a spotlight is shone on the four of them, for a moment, before the stage goes dark.

The lights come on again. TARA is sitting alone on stage. She is in a deep sleep, with her head and arms on the table. She appears comfortable, except for the frown over her face.

Then, TERRENCE enters through the door. He too, has a troubling frown and sleepless circles under his eyes. CARLTON follows, holding a plate of bread in one hand.

TERRENCE gently shakes TARA awake.

Tara...wake up. We have to get ready for school.

TARA awakes, shifting uncomfortably to sit herself up.

TARA [sleepily]

CARLTON sets down the plate.

It's Monday. You slept the overnight here.

TARA [more awake now]
Oh...Sorry...Just lost track of time, I guess.

She reaches for the plate but then freezes, as though she heard something. Her head snaps up and stares straight into the audience.

TARA [whispers to herself]

Sure enough, ANDREW calls out to TARA from the audience. A spotlight is shone on him as he stands downstage.

CARLTON and TERRENCE are frozen.
TARA and ANDREW move.

TARA is overwhelmed with emotion. She walks towards him slowly, stopping at the edge of the stage.
ANDREW however, doesn't move.

TARA [her voice breaks]
Andrew, you didn't have to go abroad...you didn't have to leave...I didn't mean what I said. You have nothing to prove...

The spotlight on ANDREW dims and TARA watches ANDREW fade away.

She sinks to her knees, her head in her arms as she sits on the edge of the stage, staring beyond the audience.

Lights dim and curtain falls

1956 words written in the crack of dawn

Gee, I'm probably a month too late to playwrite XD
but this is my best :p, for the #champion comp
Comments are seriously appreciated at this point!


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  • poetri

    nice job! best of luck (is that ok to say? like i know we're competing but i do mean it) but anyway, this is a very very nice first play :)

    11 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Replying: my favorite character is Marinette, but if it was not Adrien or Marinette, I would choose manon because she is such a cute, funny and wild girl.

    11 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Nice job! I tried writing a play once and it was super hard. Good luck in the comp!

    11 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Wow! Amazing piece!
    Replying: you're into MLB? Me too! Yay! What's your favorite character?

    11 months ago
  • Deleted User

    Well hey! This is really good! You certainly followed the rules of the prompt. This was more than I expected. Good job.

    11 months ago