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MAKE A CHANGE ( WARNING: this piece deals with some sensitive issues)

June 1, 2020



"Be the change you want to see in the world,” as said by Mahatma Gandhi has inspired me since long. I strongly believe in his words. The youth of this generation is a species full of immense energy and unbeatable hope. We have enough potential to bring in positive changes in the world as regards to climate action. There are 1.8 billion young people in the world, if each one does his or her part, then a lot can transform for the better.

About a month ago I had made this post. Now I have compiled the comments as one piece. I hope that by reading this at least one person's life is changed. Due to the happenings in the world. I thought that this would be the right time to publish this piece.

I want to see change is I want to get rid of transphobia and homophobia. Just let people live their lives it's not that difficult. I want to make a world where anyone can express themselves and love however they want. I want a world where everyone can feel safe with their identity.

I wish more people would consider adoption when they want to have a child. Orphanages in Africa are often so overflowing they don't name all the babies that come in. And teenage adoption is almost nonexistant because teens aren't "cute and little" anymore and they often come with problems. It's really sad.

I simply wish for love all over the world. I wish people would show love despite race, sexuality, social class and all other opposing categories.

Sanjana Sunilkumar
The way people are segregated on the basis of race, caste and gender must stop. And also the caste system in India is so horrible. The way people lose their scholarships, admissions and jobs gives a lot of pain. It should stop. It must!

It's terrible how people generalize and discriminate. Also, I hate that people feel the need to fit into society's little box! We should live the way we want to live, not the way that society and the media imposes on us (I feel like this applies especially to women, but I'm sure the media portrays men in bad ways too). Also, climate change! When can we stop saying that this is a "you problem" and make it an "us problem" and fix it! Haha, I know I have a lot to say here, but I need to get it all out. Also, it sucks that kids with diseases or disorders can't have a sense of normalcy. I'm not sure how this one would work, but people should stop seeing the disease and start seeing the person! And here's one simple thing everyone should do (it's actually pretty easy): be kind. Go out of your way to help someone else today. Keep your eyes open for people in need. Trust me, it feels good! 
  Charisse Marison I want our world to be a generally more accepting place. It pains me to see so many people treated differently based on race, religion, sexuality, abilities, etc. Everyone should be free to be themselves, and I hope the world can one day greet differences and celebrate them.

Anne Blackwood
I have a lot of things I'd like to change is foster care and adoption. They are so many kids and teens who need foster/adoptive homes, and so many people can help, even if it's just by volunteering at events and such. I fall like a lot of people don't realize the magnitude of this problem. Many also don't realize how badly tweens and teens need to be fostered/adopted.

I'd like to change the government to a better one that actually cares about the destruction of the world. I'd like to change the differences and racism between all the countries and would like to make them stand united and strong so they can make better decisions for the world, the humans and all other living species. I would like to change the unjust laws between the poor and the rich and bring equality and would bring fair justice across the world. 

Princess Maira
Depression. Way too many teens are depressed and it makes me really upset to talk with normal kids and find out they're actually really hurting inside. I feel for people who are going through that and yet I don't know what to do. Kinda hard if not impossible for people to fix cause it has to do with feelings rather than something physical.

Ahsan Nizaam
The issue which is in my mind now is how these public examinations affect people. “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Remember this quote. Each and every one has their own set of skills. There should be an exam which test each individuals dominating skills. Not make them to be some sort of stereotype or mode.

 One thing I'd like to see more of is just simple kindness.
I'm constantly being blown away by just how stupid people can sometimes be, and usually, just as I'm raging at the whole world, I see a story of pure human brilliance that restores my faith in humanity. We need more of this quirkiness, originality and just plain goodness in the world, and it can do endless amounts of good. People need to be free to express themselves, to break the chains of modern society, and to spread their wings. If everyone was a little kinder, more thoughtful, all of our biggest problems could just vanish (I realise that's a bit optimistic, but you get the gist) - war, poverty, even climate change. Be kind :)

Madelyn (Carolina Girl)
One thing I would like to see more of is people being more honest. People being more honest with their struggles and who they really are as a person. Sometimes it feels like you have to hide what you are going through to preserve an image but rather we should be able to openly discuss our weaknesses and have no fear of judgement.

One thing i'd like to change is widespread ignorance. So many things in our society could be changed if people didn't have such a fixed mindset in the beginning. Homophobia,xenophobia, sexism, toxic masculinity. We may never be able to truly get to a place where everyone is equal and kind to one another, but acceptance is the first step towards anything.

Daisy + Sage
 One thing I would love to change is to broaden people’s perspectives and help them to see the bigger picture. I believe that nothing is ever in black and white, and, as humans, we all have a part of us that echos from our childhood (and our very existence) that genuinely wants to change the world, to make a difference and to be kind. I think that by seeing the bigger picture and reflecting on what’s really important, many people would be able to put their differences or less important things like money and wealth behind them and do what it right. I would especially love this for governments and leaders because I think this could ultimately bring a sense of unity and compassion between countries and across the world, helping humanity to come together for the greater good, as we should. Other things I’d love are action on climate change and for people to simply smile at each other! A simple smile from a passing stranger makes all the difference in an increasingly lonely world. 

amazing grace

I think we should work to change pollution in the ocean. I care about the ocean so much and try to recycle what I can, but it is going to take some major changes in order to save our oceans. Also I think we should stop hunting sharks they are very important to the ocean, and without them out world won't survive for long. Last one is child labor this is something we should work even harder to change because it is actually people.
  THANKS to everyone who contributed. I request you all to share this piece so when even one person reads it, IT MAKES A CHANGE. We can make small changes.

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date published 31-5-2020

One important thing that I would wish to address is that this idea was published originally on 5 the MAY 2020
and after that, I have seen a few pieces which are similar (with respect to IDEAS AND MESSAGE). if you would like to do something similar, I absolutely have no problem but I would love if you could ask me before. I just wanted to mention this point. If you would like to know more then check this piece by poetri.

If you wish to contribute any more ideas then feel free to comment and then I can edit this piece.


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  • ~wildflower~

    This was such a great idea! It’s so uplifting to know that there’s a whole community of people here who care about these things. Thank you!

    5 months ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄

    Brilliant idea! Love this!

    5 months ago
  • Halopoet

    I never knew that that post would be something this big. Thanks for doing this for the community you're playing a great part in changing the world and you gave us a chance to do this too. Love it

    5 months ago
  • poetri

    Yay! Awesome compilation. This community is so good, I truly believe that we are the hope for the future.

    5 months ago
  • mia_:)

    Great compilation! I hope to see all these things change in the future!

    5 months ago